, August 10th. According to reports from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government News Network and Hong Kong media, in view of the severity of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, on the 9th, the Hong Kong police and cross-government personnel went to Central and other foreign domestic helpers to conduct inspections and appealed to those present. Comply with the regulations prohibiting gathering and wearing masks in public places, and issue tickets to at least 9 foreign domestic helpers in Central.

Officers of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department inspected Victoria Park and urged the public to observe the restrictions on gatherings and the regulations on wearing masks. Image source: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government News Network

  On the 9th, there were still a large number of foreign domestic helpers gathering in Central, Hong Kong. Some people ignored the "restriction order" for only 2 people. Several to more than a dozen people gathered to chat and eat. Some even took off their masks to play cards and smoke.

  The Hong Kong police and various government departments including the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, the Labour Department and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department inspected the gathering places of foreign domestic helpers, distributed leaflets and made mobile broadcasts to remind foreign domestic helpers to comply with the "restriction order" and wear masks, and Display a 1.5-meter-long plastic ruler to remind foreign domestic helpers to pay attention to the 1.5-meter social distance.

  Some foreign domestic helpers dispersed immediately after hearing the advice, but some people ignored the advice. The police officers then issued tickets to two groups of foreign domestic helpers with groups of 4 and 5 outside of Statue Square and Chater Garden.

  Some foreign domestic helpers said that although they were worried about the epidemic, they would still go out on holidays, because they might be required to work if they stayed at the employer's home.

  Maribenth and Ginaranos from the Philippines agreed with the SAR government's epidemic prevention measures. They believe that the risk of infection is high in groups of people, so only two people will sit together and keep their distance from others.

  Another foreign domestic helper, Remy, also agrees with the measures taken by the SAR government. She believes that for everyone’s safety, she must wear a mask or even a face mask when she goes out, and thoroughly clean and disinfect after returning to her employer’s house to prevent infection or infect others.

  The Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department stated that in the past Saturday and Sunday for two consecutive days, it had deployed additional manpower to patrol the venues under its jurisdiction, calling on those present to abide by government regulations, and to distribute leaflets to foreign domestic helpers and broadcast the venue at the same time. The department made an appeal and a notice board. The department inspected about 3,000 times in two days and gave more than 5,000 verbal advice.