8 nephews came to cook for the summer vacation and spend 1,000 yuan on a 5-hour trip every day

  "The strongest uncle" hits the People's Daily

  Uncle is good

  "Lined up for dinner!" With a cry, the eight children ran to the kitchen door, carrying their rice bowls one by one... This scene did not happen in the school, but in the home of a resident in Nan'an District, Chongqing.

  On the 7th, the City Hot News under the Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group reported on the family story of Gong Lingjun's family in the tea garden of Nan'an District with the title "Eight Nephews Came from My Family in Summer Vacation". The report was pushed by the headline of the WeChat official account of People's Daily yesterday, and the reading volume instantly exceeded 100,000+.

  Chongqing Evening News-Upstream journalist Zhang Chunlian and intern Zhang Yun's photo report Part of the pictures provided by the interviewee

▶Gong Lingjun takes the children to the supermarket

16 nephews came 8

  After 3 pm on the 6th, 33-year-old Gong Lingjun carried a watermelon weighing more than 20 kilograms and carried it home in sweat. Without sitting down to rest, he cut the watermelon into small pieces and placed it on the coffee table. At this time, a group of children lying on the sofa swarmed up, you and me...

  In recent years, Gong Lingjun's home has become a "children's nest" as soon as the summer vacation arrives. Nephews (nephews) scattered all over the country have come to his home for summer vacation, and 8 of them have come this year.

  Gong Lingjun lives in a community in the tea garden of Nan'an District. She is tall and slightly fat. Although she is from Jiangxi, she speaks a relatively standard Chongqing dialect. "I came to Chongqing in 2002 to do the clothing business with my sister. After a long time, I not only learned the Chongqing dialect, but also married a Chongqing wife." Gong Lingjun said with a smile.

  Gong Lingjun's family has four sisters, and her parents have an adopted daughter. As several sisters married and had children, his nephews totaled 16, the oldest was 23 years old, and the youngest was over 1 year old.

  "There are two in the eldest sister's house, four in the second sister's house, six in the third sister's house, and four in the younger sister's house." Gong Lingjun said that he is the only uncle of these nephews, plus he likes children and doesn't restrain them much, so every year My nephew comes to his house during summer vacation. Especially in the last two or three years, the children have come a little too much without special care when they are old. This summer I came to 8 people, plus my two children. This summer, there are 10 children in my family. Sometimes my sister will come to accompany me when I am free. There are six or seven adults in the family, which makes it even more lively. Such a lively scene this year has lasted for nearly a month. "Two days ago, I went back to my two nephews, plus my own children, and there are 8 children in the family."

  ▲Gong Lingjun makes coke chicken wings. He said that if one is cut in half, two more chopsticks can be used.

It takes 5 hours to cook every day

  With the arrival of the children, it adds a lot of lively atmosphere to this home. Especially every night, a group of children huddled in a bed, either playing games in teams or playing some entertainment activities, which is very lively. The reporter saw that Gong Lingjun’s house had four bedrooms. The boys squeezed one bed at night, while those who couldn’t sleep would hit the floor, and the rest would squeeze one or two children into one bed. "I slept on the ground last night, and my wife took three girls to bed." Gong Lingjun said.

▲Gong Lingjun allows children to play as much as they like without interfering.

  This summer vacation, the busiest part of their family's every day is cooking. Gong Lingjun went downstairs to buy breakfast every morning. He only bought steamed buns, steamed buns or deep-fried dough sticks. He didn't dare to buy soy milk, because one person couldn't take so much. The wife cooked a pot of porridge at home and waited for the children to get up to eat.

  After breakfast, his wife, Ms. Mo, was responsible for going out to purchase ingredients for the day. "Each meal must have at least seven or eight dishes. Basically, when you return after buying the vegetables, you will start cooking lunch before eleven o'clock. The eldest sister is in charge of the chef, and I will help you." Ms. Mo said that she was responsible for washing dishes and cleaning after dinner. . At about four o'clock in the afternoon, I started to cook dinner again, and it would take 5 hours to cook every day. "We all do what we eat. Children are not picky about food, but pick the taste. As long as the vegetables are fried well, they like it very much."

  When eating, the table couldn't seat so many people, so they divided some children's favorite dishes on the coffee table. A group of children gathered around to eat, talking and laughing.

A large family ate around the table, with at least seven or eight dishes per meal.

Count the number of people when you go out

  Gong Lingjun opened a cake shop in Dazhu County, Sichuan Province. It is off-season and there are shop assistants, so he spends a lot of time at home, and occasionally takes the children out to the park and hot springs. "Last week we went to Bishan Xiuhu Park, drove a car, and also drove two cars. We had to count the number of people on the road at any time." Gong Lingjun said that the whole family ate cold noodles near Xiuhu Park that night. More than one hundred yuan, the owner of the shop usually gets off work at 9pm, and he finished work at 7pm that evening. "Usually take them out to play, a cup of milk tea costs more than ten yuan, steak 68 yuan, and buy some other snacks, it will cost 1,000 yuan, let alone eat better things."

  But when it comes to consumption, Gong Lingjun and his wife are not stingy, and the sisters don’t care about it. Adults are also vying to pay. "It's not important to spend money. What is important is the emotional exchanges between the sisters." Gong Lingjun said that their sisters are scattered in various places. At the end of the year, everyone is busy, the holidays are short, and they have to go back to their hometown to spend the Spring Festival with their parents. It is rare that a family can have such a long time together like summer vacation.

  "At first there were a lot of babies, a little bit twittering, but after a few days I got used to it, and I like this group of children very much. But sometimes they are disobedient, I also yell at them." Gong Lingjun's wife said that she is the only child. Girl, I really like the atmosphere of this big family with deep feelings and mutual help, and so many children shouting "aunt" one by one, I feel very happy and happy.

Nephews treat uncle as big brother

  Although Chongqing is relatively hot, nephews also like to come to Gong Lingjun's house for summer vacation.

  Even Xiaoqiu, who has graduated from university at the age of 23, likes to come to his uncle's house. "I haven't gone to work yet, so I have time to play at my uncle's house." Xiaoqiu said that he was more strictly controlled by his father. Whenever he went to his uncle's house, he was more relaxed, and his uncle was laughing and joking all day, playing with these younger siblings. Crazy, everyone treats him like a brother.

  "The children are usually at home, and the parents are strict. But as long as they don't fight, they won't care when they come to my house. Let them play as much as they like." Gong Lingjun said, watching the children having fun, she was also happy. Especially when thinking about these children getting married in the future, each child will have three or four children, and there will be a group of people around calling them their uncles, and I feel very happy when I think about it. But there are also headaches. For example, these children will get married and have children in the future, and there will be annual new year's money, which is not a small sum, hahaha...


Thank you good aunt, please give me a dozen uncles like this

  Praise type——

  @刘涛: Good Chinese uncle, the most important thing is that the children also have a good Chinese aunt.

  @土胖子: Are you still a nephew? Such a heart-warming uncle, please give me a dozen.

  @坚啊坚: The aunt behind is still strong enough.

  @赵一多: Good uncle, better aunt!

  Reminiscence type——

  @邢台小昭: It was the same when I was a kid. There are 12 children in my four aunts' family and my family. My family often has five or six children. At that time, my family was poor, and my mother cooked every day, cooked steamed buns, cooked noodles, and stewed a pot of beans and eggplant. My old watchmen go to the field every day to work, herding sheep and mowing the grass. They don’t have to deal with them every day, they just go home to eat when it’s time. I am also very happy that someone helps with work and plays with me.

  @飞天: This is how my uncle's family spent the holidays when I was young! Warm your heart!

  @李惠: Really happy everyone.

  Self-examination type——

  @ Tamsui's Moonlight: Rich and free, good uncle and aunt. I can’t do it, I don’t have time, and I don’t know how to cook. I usually make do, how can I entertain so many people.

  @赵凯宇: I really don't dare to receive it without a family background.

  @晨曦东洁: First of all, I have to love the excitement and love the children. Aunts like me are annoying even their children stay at home on vacation. Personality decides attitude. I am afraid of fighting and quarreling when I am not afraid of eating or drinking. My ears cannot stand it, and my heart cannot stand it.