Shimane Prefecture, 91 powerful members of a private high school soccer club, infected with a cluster outbreak August 10 at 5:40


It was confirmed that 91 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Matsue City, and Matsue City and Shimane Prefecture announced that a cluster of infected people, a cluster, had occurred at a private high school in Matsue City.

New infections were confirmed: 80 male members living in the student dormitory of the soccer club of Rissho Tainan South High School in Matsue City, 6 male members going from home, 2 faculty members related to the club, and A total of 91 people, including three men who have been confirmed to have been infected in and out of the student dormitory, have been contacted.

In this soccer club, one male member was confirmed to be infected on the 8th, so all 135 members except the member returning home and 6 faculty members were inspected on the 9th.

None of the 91 people were seriously ill, and 30 members complained of fever and sore throat. In Matsue City, about 40 people will be hospitalized and treated in the future.

After 10th, Matsue City will carry out a PCR test on all school students other than members of the soccer club and about 200 people including faculty members.

Powerhouse school that participated in the national high school soccer championship 18 times

According to the website of Rissho Tainan South High School, the soccer club has participated in the national high school soccer championship 18 times so far, and also participated in the national high school overall 13 times.

Among them, in the championship, in addition to winning the best 4 in the 2010 tournament, and in the past three times in the past three places, it is known as a strong soccer school.

According to Matsue City, there are 138 members of the soccer club, most of whom live in dormitories dedicated to the soccer club.