In the video .. "A mother's heart" leads her to prison!

He led the heart of a Ukrainian mother to her feet to dig an underground hole near the walls of a prison in Ukraine, with the aim of helping her son, convicted of a murder, to escape.

The authorities arrested the 51-year-old woman, after discovering the tunnel that she was digging underground near the prison walls, where her son was serving a life sentence for murder.

The woman rented a house close to the prison for this purpose, and she would stay inside the house all hours of the day and only leave it at night for the purpose of digging only, to avoid attracting attention or being recognized by the residents of the area.

The woman used rudimentary tools to dig a tunnel 3 meters deep and 10 meters long, and she worked alone on a daily basis only in the evening.

She worked for at least 3 weeks digging the tunnel, and was about to reach the prison walls, but the police found out about the matter before reaching their target and arrested her.

The Ukrainian authorities did not reveal how the tunnel was discovered, but they found digging tools inside the rented house, and the mother confessed what she had done, and said that she was only trying to free her son.