Hong Kong Financial Secretary Chen Maobo: strongly condemns the so-called sanctions of the United States as outright bullying

  On the 8th, the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Chen Maobo, published a long article, strongly condemning the bullying thinking of the US's so-called sanctions. At the same time, he pointed out that the US President's executive order to completely ban TikTok and other behaviors of Chinese-funded background is a naked double standard. The US attempted to use so-called sanctions to intimidate and ridicule all Chinese people, including the people of Hong Kong. Not only is it not scary, but it strengthens the people's determination to safeguard national security and maintain territorial integrity.

  Chen Maobo wrote in the article that Hong Kong suffered continuous violence and separatism last year. The National Security Law of Hong Kong was enacted by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress earlier, and the society quickly returned to stability. However, the United States used this as an excuse to impose so-called sanctions on a total of 11 officials in the Mainland and Hong Kong, and even disclosed the addresses and identification numbers of relevant officials. A country that often claims to respect human rights and democracy and freedom has adopted this kind of "bottom" approach, severely infringed on personal privacy, and used intimidation as a means to expose its self-righteous and bullying thinking that those who rebel against us will die.

  In addition, the United States recently used national security as an excuse to target Chinese-funded TikTok through a presidential executive order when specific details or evidence are lacking. It first proposed a total prohibition and then forced selling, even referring to most transactions. The amount must be allocated to the US Treasury. In fact, the company's local business server is located in the United States, and there is no evidence that it ever sent personal data of American users overseas. This incident reflects that even if a company is operating in full compliance in the United States, it can threaten the other's dominant position in certain areas because of its own success in the market. As a result, it will become suppressed or even be suppressed in the United States. The object of looting. Recently, the United States has even launched the so-called "clean network operation" in an attempt to forcibly exclude Chinese companies from the Internet. These actions brutally and profoundly undermine the operating foundation of the free market, rule-based, and fair competition that the United States once advertised itself, and will ultimately damage the global market and corporate confidence in the US system.

  The above-mentioned actions are stark double standards, and one cannot help but doubt that they have been advocating some so-called universal values ​​in the international community. They are just hypocritical propaganda slogans!

  From historical experience, if a country wants to maintain a leading position in international politics and economy in the long term, it should not only seek to achieve its goals and use any means, but must use continuous efforts to enhance its competitiveness; rely solely on domineering means to oppress opponents , Long-term will not make yourself successful. Whether in social groups or in international relations, bullying will never last long; only by being strong but not hegemony and adhering to the principle of equality and mutual benefit can we truly win the respect of others in the world.

  The establishment of the Hong Kong National Security Law is only to protect the security of territory and development interests within a country. This is a natural right, but it has been used by the United States as an excuse for a series of high-profile but improper actions against China. As many analysts have pointed out, Hong Kong has become an outpost for the game of great powers, and this highlights the urgent need for a national security law. In any case, maintaining national security is an important matter of principle. There is no room for compromise, and there is no need to worry about the threat of so-called sanctions. You just need to be prepared. With the solid support of the country, Hong Kong will definitely become stronger and more competitive.

  In the face of a complex external environment and major changes unseen in a century, the future direction of the country’s economic development is to accelerate the construction of a complete domestic demand system, and through innovation to form more new growth points, and gradually form a major domestic cycle as the main body. The new development pattern of domestic and international double circulation and mutual promotion. For Hong Kong, this is the consumption potential of a larger middle-class group and a greater demand for high-quality services and supply chain management. In terms of finance, this means more technology-based and asset-light companies' fund-raising needs and demand for professional services. Under the unique arrangement of "one country, two systems", Hong Kong's system and other advantages will certainly continue to be maintained, and in the process of helping the country's development, it will definitely develop itself.

  However, how to effectively control the new crown pneumonia epidemic is the most urgent challenge for Hong Kong to deal with. "Early identification, early isolation, and early treatment" are effective strategies for the prevention and control of the epidemic. However, Hong Kong is still facing many asymptomatic infections in the community, and this invisible transmission chain will not be interrupted. According to the experience of the Mainland, the patients can be found in the widest range through national testing and appropriate treatments can be provided as soon as possible to provide a safe environment to restore social activities and restart the economy, and allow citizens to live with peace of mind.

  If calculated based on the results of specific group tests conducted by the SAR government, there are about 1,000 invisible patients in Hong Kong. If more proactive methods of identification and treatment are not adopted, the work of epidemic control and prevention will become more difficult, and society and the economy will also face the risk of frequent shutdowns for a long time. With the support of the Mainland in terms of personnel and materials, Hong Kong's ability to detect viruses and take care of patients has been greatly improved, allowing Hong Kong to carry out a more comprehensive testing program. As asymptomatic infected persons are still highly contagious, for the health of themselves and their families, for the effectiveness of the epidemic prevention of the entire society, and for the economy and daily life to recover as soon as possible, I hope everyone will actively participate in this voluntary testing program. (Headquarters reporter Jin Dong Zhou Weiqi)