[Well-off China] Yugu nationality "embroiders" self-built national costume museum

  [Explanation] Thousands of bright red coral strings, paired with white sea shells and pearls, and then inlaid with unique silver ornaments, cowhide as the base, and colored silk thread piping, make a traditional Yugu ethnic group" Head and face". After decades of baptism, the jewellery on the "head and face" seems to have lost its former luster, but this is the most cherished ornament left to Yang Haiyan by her grandmother.

  The 44-year-old Yang Haiyan is a native of the Yugu nationality "Embroider" and the fourth generation inheritor of Yugu costume. She has been dealing with "needle and thread" since she was a child, and learns the making of traditional folk costumes with her mother and grandmother. Six years ago, Yang Haiyan and his family established a private museum of Yugu costumes. Recently, the reporter saw in an exhibition hall of less than 100 square meters. The museum displayed more than a hundred exquisite handmade accessories, and more than ten A set of traditional Yugu costumes collected from pastoral areas in different periods.

  [Concurrent] Yang Haiyan, the inheritor of Gansu Yugu costume

  We are now divided according to the township, but in the past we divided according to the tribe. Each tribe has different styles of clothing and different textures of clothes. It is to show everyone the living conditions of a Yugu people in the past. Our nomads are not like the current consumption philosophy. Now that we have money, we will buy houses and cars, but the biggest characteristic of our nomads in the past is that we wear all good and valuable things on our bodies. Your clothes can show your identity, how much your wealth is, and how high your identity is.

  [Explanation] Sunan County, Gansu Province is the only Yugu Autonomous County in the country and unique to Gansu. Yang Haiyan said that the essence of making ethnic costumes is purely handmade. Speaking of the original intention of establishing the museum, Yang Haiyan said that he hoped that tourists from afar can understand Yugu culture first, rather than simply spending.

  [Concurrent] Yang Haiyan, the inheritor of Gansu Yugu costume

  (Now) People's concept of cultural consumption has changed. Now it is a mode of understanding your culture, then experiencing your culture, and finally buying your products. So he first took a look at what kind of culture our ordinary people wore in the past. They tourists saw this one, and its craftsmanship is like this. Through our introduction, then look at our future products. , Make more semi-finished things. After some people come over, we will teach it by hand. If you learn to make a simple semi-finished product, then you can do it yourself.

  [Explanation] Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer people wearing traditional costumes. Yang Haiyan and her team participated in the design together, incorporating classic and distinctive Yugu elements into modern clothing. The price is not high, and it can reflect the Yugu nationality. Features, stick to the "memory" of the ancestors' fingertips in the inheritance.

  Reporter Gao Ying reports from Zhangye, Gansu

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]