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Who said Seth Rogen wasn't 100% involved in his roles? The actor, who for his new film An American Pickle plays a 1920 man who finds himself trapped 100 years in a vat of pickle and wakes up in a modern Brooklyn he obviously doesn't know, revealed to Insider that he hated fake beards in the movies so much that he decided to let his own grow… for 10 months! After filming all the scenes of Herschel, his character, he indeed shaved to play the role of his great-grandson, Ben. But a last minute idea forced him to start all over again (from the point of view of his facial hair anyway)

“We thought of a 15-second sequence to shoot, so I let my beard grow for 10 months just so we could do it,” he hilariously explained to the publication.

A crazy dough

However, Seth Rogen did not even consider shooting the film otherwise, even if, as he now admits, this decision resulted in significant additional costs.

“All the time and money that we spent on that beard, all the discussions and thoughts, it was crazy, it's not like we thought he was going to grow a beard and that everything would be fine, every now and then he couldn't take it anymore and he was like '' I can't take this shit anymore, I want to get rid of it '', revealed the co-writer and co-producer of the actor, Evan Goldberg.

Today, Seth Rogen wears a beard, but very well trimmed.

“It's still nicer for me,” he concludes.


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