China News Service, Hulunbuir, August 7th (Reporter Zhang Linhu) Illegal operations of 100 million yuan, fraudulent loans of 76 million yuan, violent debt collection, forced transactions... On the 7th, the reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the first case in Hulunbuir. The dust settled on a series of extraordinarily large-scale crime-related and animal husbandry-related loan sharking cases.

  At the end of 2017, some herdsmen in Hulunbuir reported that they were violated by illegal usury, and the public security organs immediately launched an investigation.

  Investigations show that from 2014 to 2015, the Baerhu Grassland was hit by severe droughts and snow disasters one after another, causing a large number of livestock deaths. In addition, the price of meat products and the price of forage increased, which made many herders unable to repay their loans.

The picture shows the public security police visiting the victimized herders. Photo courtesy of the police

  Gao and others took the opportunity to use deceit and other means to arbitrarily issue usury loans with daily interest of as high as 100 yuan to 200 yuan per 10,000 yuan of principal to the herdsmen, thereby illegally obtaining huge profits. Subsequently, Gao and others successively registered and established a number of companies and enterprises, and repeatedly used illegal lending, extortion, illegal detention and other means to make money.

  At this point, the police have locked down an extraordinarily large criminal gang involving crimes, crimes, pastoralism, and usury, headed by Gao.

  As the first criminal case in Hulunbuir, the investigation of the case is difficult. Because the victims were simple herdsmen, they were frightened by criminals and did not dare to report or expose them. Even after the relevant key members of the organization came to the case, they still talked about them and were reluctant to testify. The task force sent police officers proficient in ethnic languages ​​to work in the herdsmen’s homes door by door. It lasted 12 months and traveled more than 200,000 kilometers, and finally 1,277 households of herders involved were confirmed.

  In the end, the police arrested Gao and others.

  After investigation, the underworld gang headed by Gao took illegal means and reached a loan guarantee agreement with the bank for the herdsmen’s loan. By controlling the bank card to obtain loans of nearly 100 million yuan, and collecting loan interest, security deposits and insurance premiums from the herdsmen for illegal profit 300 More than 10,000 yuan; fraudulently obtained 76 million yuan of bank loans by fabricating corporate asset information, purchase and sales contracts, loan purposes and other false information; illegally obtained more than 400,000 yuan of illegal profits through criminal means such as illegal detention and extortion.

  In the end, the first instance of the People’s Court of New Barhu Right Banner and the second review of the Intermediate People’s Court of Hulunbuir City found that the chief culprit was the crime of organizing, leading a gangster organization, and obtaining loans by fraud. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and deprived of political rights. For 5 years, he was sentenced to confiscation of all his personal property; the remaining persons involved in the case were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 1 to 14 years with varying fines. (Finish)