China News Service, August 7 (Reporter Lin Hao) Guangxi Maritime Safety Administration introduced on the 7th that on August 6th, a 99-meter-long Chinese bulk carrier caught fire in the sea of ​​Beibu Gulf in Guangxi. The fire spread rapidly. There are 11 crew members and the situation is critical. After more than eight hours of search and rescue, all crew members in distress were rescued.

  On the same day, the Beihai Maritime Safety Administration received an alarm: The engine room of a bulk carrier caught fire in the outer anchorage 14 nautical miles southwest of the 100,000-ton wharf in the Tieshan port area. After receiving the police, the Beihai Maritime Safety Administration immediately reported the danger to the relevant departments, instructed nearby vessels to keep a safe distance, and dispatched the "Hai Xun 10181" ship to the scene to organize rescue and coordinate two tugboats from Tieshan Port to assist in the rescue.

The picture shows the rescue operation site Guangxi Maritime Safety Administration 

  After the rescue vessel arrived at the scene, all 11 crew members in distress were rescued. At this time, the fire on the ship in distress has spread to the upper deck, and the fire is relatively large. Based on the actual situation at the scene, the maritime department commanded the rescue vessel to extinguish the fire, concentrated spraying the living area and engine room at the stern, and did a good job in preventing ship pollution.

  After spraying and extinguishing, the visible part of the ship in distress has no open fire, and the fire has basically been controlled. After the fire detection by the on-site personnel, it is judged that there is no possibility of re-ignition and the danger is relieved. Subsequently, the maritime department picked up the crew in distress and sent them ashore.

The picture shows the crew in distress rescued by Guangxi Maritime Safety Administration 

  Li Ping, director of the Maritime Department of Beihai Tieshan Port, said that the department has established an accident investigation team and will investigate and deal with the cause of the fire. (Finish)