He added in statements to the episode (7/8/2020) of the "Beyond the News" program that what is happening in the Kingdom is a struggle for thrones as bin Salman seeks to get rid of everyone who worked with bin Nayef, in addition to the possible information that Al-Jabri possesses due to his sensitive workplace. In the previous.

He added that Al-Jabri possesses many sensitive security information that may relate to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, in addition to information related to Mohammed bin Salman, and he is also a strong ally of the Western security services, as he helped thwart many terrorist operations, and was an active person in the fight against terrorism.

Carl stressed that the invitation does not grant Al-Jabri full immunity, but it provides protection from stalking and prosecution because of his public exposure, and this exit may accelerate the course of the trial to achieve justice for him and his family, and it also forces Saudi Arabia to present its arguments before the American judiciary.

For his part, Muhammad Al-Shanqeeti, a professor of political ethics at Hamad bin Khalifa University, said that the case filed by Al-Jabri proves that the man knows about bin Salman a lot of hidden things, which prompted the latter to be upset about him and try to get rid of him, and through interaction with the lawsuit filed by Al-Jabri appeared He enjoys strong relations with the institutions of the American state.

He added that this call comes at a stage of political transition in Saudi Arabia and America, as bin Salman seeks to control the reins of power in the country during the American elections, but Al-Jabri's case will delay the implementation of this step because the American support and blessing will stop after it, and bin Salman will not be able to reach power.

He added that Al-Jabri received sympathy from the US security institutions in the past, but the sympathy from the State Department confirms that Al-Jabri's case took the matter out of the hands of the American administration into the hands of the American judiciary, which prevents President Donald Trump from turning a blind eye to it.