Chinanews, August 7th. Produced by Chen Guofu and Zhang Jialu, directed by Li Weiran, and starring Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, William Chan, Qu Chuxiao, Wang Likun, Shen Yue, Wang Zixuan, Wang Yueyi, the fantasy film "The Order of the Samurai God" was released today "The Covenant of the World" version is previewed and announced.

"Onmyoji" film version "Samurai Order" poster

  The movie "Order of the Samurai" is adapted from the game "Onmyoji". It tells the story of Qingming, the onmyoji who walks through the two worlds of humans and monsters. He has signed a contract with a group of monsters, causing disaster and deep crisis. At the same time, the demon emperor's forces are making a comeback, and a fierce battle is on the horizon. At a critical moment when the situation is changing and the situation is turbulent, Qingming suddenly finds that her hybrid identity is the key to all these disasters.

  The actor who played the role of Onmyoji, Qingming, has attracted much attention from the beginning of the preparation of the film, and finally revealed the mystery in the trailer. At the end of the trailer, Chen Kun, dressed in white, covered his face with a folding fan and walked from the dark. He humbled himself with "below, Qingming", and showed Qingming's temperament to the fullest in just a few seconds.

"Onmyoji" film version "Samurai Order" poster

  In addition, the golden combination of Chen Kun and Zhou Xun has been working together again after many years and it has also brought surprises to movie fans. Since the first pairing in 2001, the two have started cooperation for nearly 20 years and have appeared in many classic works.

  In addition to Chen Kun and Zhou Xun, the film has a strong cast, including William Chan, Qu Chuxiao, Wang Likun, Shen Yue, Wang Zixuan, Wang Yueyi and others.

  It is reported that the movie "Samurai God Order" will be released in 2020.