Shinkansen ventilation and disinfection combination Thorough measures to prevent new corona infection 7:05 on August 7

The Shinkansen has a mechanism to constantly ventilate the outside air, and at each JR company, when combined with disinfection, it becomes a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, and we are thoroughly disinfecting it.

Since cars on the Shinkansen have a structure in which the windows do not open, it is stipulated by the national ministerial ordinance to make it possible to take in the outside air, and the railroad companies constantly provide ventilation.

Of these, the E5 series used on the Tohoku Shinkansen has a structure in which outside air enters from under the luggage rack and vehicle air is exhausted from under the seat.

In an experiment conducted at the Tokyo Shinkansen rolling stock center in JR East in Kita-ku, Tokyo, where the vehicle was filled with white smoke in order to confirm the effect of ventilation, it took about 6 minutes and 30 seconds to start ventilation, It was discharged outside.

In addition to regular ventilation, disinfection work is thoroughly carried out at the depots of JR companies.

At the JR East depot, a person in charge of cleaning the Tohoku Shinkansen and Hokuriku Shinkansen carefully wipes the seating table, armrests, and corridor railings with an aqueous sodium hypochlorite solution for disinfection. It was.

It means that they are disinfecting at the return station while driving.

Shuji Tanaka, manager of the JR East Shinkansen Transport Vehicle Department vehicle unit, said, "We would like to thoroughly perform ventilation and disinfection work so that we can use it with confidence."