Polar bears give ice present Hokkaido Asahikawa Asahiyama Zoo August 6th 13:09

At Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, a big block of ice was presented to polar bears to survive the heat.

In Asahikawa City, the highest temperature during the day is expected to continue at 25 degrees Celsius or higher on summer days after the 30th of last month, and is expected to rise to 28 degrees on the 6th.

At Asahiyama Zoo in the city, large blocks of ice were presented to animals such as polar bears to survive this heat.

Inside the hole made in the ice block, honey and tuna surimi etc. are contained, and when the polar bear opens its mouth wide and bites with the ice, the visitors are interested in a lively appearance I was pointing the camera deeply.

A 5th grader boy from the city said, "I was so happy to break the ice that I thought that polar bears like the cold places."