• Culture.Plácido Domingo assumes "all responsibility" for the sexual harassment accusations and asks for forgiveness for "the pain" caused
  • Complaint: Nine women accuse Plácido Domingo of sexual harassment
  • Musica.Plácido Domingo: "I have never, never, never abused or harassed a woman"

Spanish opera singer Plácido Domingo , who was infected with coronavirus and has already recovered, assured in an interview with the Italian press that he never abused anyone despite being accused of harassment in the United States in 2019.

"I have changed, I am no longer afraid. When I found out I had the coronavirus I promised myself that if I came out alive I would fight to clear my name," he said in an interview published by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica . "I never abused anyone, I will repeat it as long as I live," he said.

Plácido Domingo , 79, announced in March from Acapulco (Mexico) that he tested positive for a new coronavirus and was later hospitalized.

"Recovering my voice has been a miracle ... Two or three months ago I was not sure if I could sing again," he said.

" The only thing that worries me now is leaving my refuge in Acapulco , where I have not left for months, I have never spent so much time at home with my wife, my son, my daughter-in-law and my two grandchildren," he said.

"Now is the time to return to normal," according to Domingo, although he believes that "our lives have changed and, as you know, it is still difficult for me because of the accusations against me" in the media.

These accusations "destabilized my family and myself" and "did more damage to me than the virus. It only remains for me to note that I will not be able to sing in certain parts of the world, such as the United States or Spain, my country. And not precisely to because of an election by the public, which constantly sends me messages of solidarity (...) But what can I do? It's life! "

In 2019 Plácido Domingo was accused by the American press of sexually harassing about twenty women in the United States.

These accusations forced him to abandon his position as director of the Los Angeles opera and to cancel all his representations in the country, which in practice ended his career in North America.

Placido Domingo , accustomed to worldwide ovations and who recorded a hundred albums, suffers the consequences of the #MeToo movement, which began with the accusations against film producer Harvey Weinstein in October 2017.

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