On August 3, the Haizhuyong Bridge on Huandao Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou was officially opened to traffic, and a dilapidated house was lying in the middle of the bridge road, causing heated discussions.

 On August 6th, the reporter came to the Haizhuyong Bridge, and saw an endless stream of pedestrians coming to take pictures and clocking in on the bridge. Many people also went to the homes of the owners to visit and take pictures. Overnight, it almost became an internet celebrity. Punch in. In the face of crowds of onlookers and online comments, the owner, Ms. Liang, said she was very helpless. Ms. Liang said that she did not want to relocate, not for the money. "What we want is a house, but government officials do not have housing for us."

    According to Ms. Liang, the government showed her a house ten years ago in Feng'an Garden on Gexin Road, Haizhu District, but she said that the house felt like "three-pointed and eight-pointed" and she was reluctant to live there.

 In June 2020, the government asked her to move to Baogang Avenue, but because the house was facing the mortuary of the hospital, Ms. Liang did not agree.

    Ms. Liang confessed that she is a contented and happy person, not unreasonable. She said: "If I was greedy for wealth, I would have left long ago, and the government would come, and I would be willing to negotiate. If it is appropriate, we will go. If the government does not collect, I will be fine."

 It is reported that the staff of relevant departments in Haizhu District of Guangzhou said that they are still communicating with the homeowner.

 (Reporter He Junjie, intern Cai Weiying, Lin Qilin, editor Gao Yuhui)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]