Chinanews client, Beijing, August 7 (Yuan Xiuyue) In the film and television industry in 2020, fresh meat and florets no longer dominate the screen, and Mesozoic actors come to the spotlight.

  From this year's popular web drama "The Hidden Corner" to the variety show "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves", to the just-opened Shanghai TV Festival, Mesozoic actors have become a presence that cannot be ignored. Especially for the Magnolia Award at the Shanghai TV Festival, among the shortlisted actors, the youngest is over 30 years old. Some people commented that this is a Mesozoic contest.

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The rise of the Mesozoic

  In fact, the Mesozoic has been the backbone of the film and television industry for a long time. Compared with the new generation of actors, they have a lot of experience, and they are no longer young in their performances, and they are more recognized by the industry and the audience.

  The Cenozoic and Mesozoic have their own markets, and there will be no conflicts. Until a few years ago, the flow of traffic suddenly started, and the traffic niche and Xiaohua who had a large number of fans became the industry's "sweet and pastry". For the sake of box office, air volume and ratings, a large number of crews rely on the number of fans to select actors. Regardless of whether they are acting or the roles are appropriate, they will "grab" them first. During that time, there was no traffic star in any show, and it was not up to the times.

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  For a time, the "IP + traffic" pipelined film and television production model was popular, and mass production of film and television dramas seemed to be just around the corner. Some industry insiders said that they would no longer invite professional screenwriters, which caused an uproar.

  A large amount of capital has also begun to pour in, and all aspects of the film and television industry have entered the stage of making quick money. But on the other hand, the film and television works built with various elements have not been recognized by the audience, but have caused rebellious psychology. The traffic cannot be realized, and the works are frequent.

  Criticisms on the performance of traffic stars are also raging. Negative news such as cutouts, doubles, and Miss Numbers continue to explode. "Sky-high remuneration" has sent them to the forefront. Some professional awards that extend olive branches to traffic stars have encountered audiences. Bad review.

  After the flow failure, some outstanding Mesozoic actors have sprung up. Many of the TV dramas that have received good response in the past two years are the works of Mesozoic actors, such as "All Very Good", "Celebrating the New Year", "Twelve Hours in Chang'an", and "Xiao Huanxi".

Nominations for the 26th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award

Does the Magnolia Award look at strength or popularity?

  In the nominations for the Magnolia Award at this year's Shanghai TV Festival, Mesozoic actors also occupied the majority of seats. The finalists for the best actor are Chen Baoguo, Huang Lei, Lei Jiayin, Sun Honglei, Zhang Ruoyun, and the youngest Zhang Ruoyun has been in the industry for more than ten years. Haiqing, Ma Yili, Qin Hailu, Sun Li, and Yan Ni were shortlisted for the best actresses, all of whom are TV stations' "signatures".

  The competition for the best supporting actor and actress is also fierce. Chen Daoming, Sha Yi, Tian Yu, Wang Jinsong, and Zhang Lu compete for the best supporting actor, and Deng Jiajia, Li Chun, Mei Ting, Tao Hong, and Yongmei compete for the best supporting actress.

Nominations for the 26th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award

  In fact, in the history of the Magnolia Award, Mesozoic actors have always been there. The Shanghai TV Festival was founded in 1986 and was initially positioned as an international TV festival, with many works from abroad. Later, with the development of the domestic film and television industry, domestic TV series gradually became the protagonist. At the 8th Shanghai TV Festival International Film and Television Program Fair in 2000, domestic TV stations and film companies accounted for almost 80%.

  By 2007, the main awards of the Magnolia Award began to be contracted by domestic dramas, and the best actor and actress of that year were Sun Honglei and Liu Ruoying. After more than ten years, the Shanghai TV Festival has always been in love with the capable group. In this year's nomination list, Chen Baoguo, Sun Honglei, Ma Yili, Qin Hailu, Sun Li, and Yan Ni are all regulars of the Magnolia Award.

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  For the works, the evaluation criteria of the Shanghai TV Festival also integrate popularity, professionalism and Shanghai style. For example, in 2008, "Golden Wedding", "Soldier Assault", "Crossing the Kanto", "Struggle", and "Double-sided Tape" were very popular, but the final winners were "Golden Wedding" and "Soldier Assault", the popular "Struggle" On the contrary, the particles were not harvested.

  In order to weigh the audience's voice for highly popular actors, the Shanghai TV Festival established the Most Popular Actor Award in 2009. This award lasts for 6 years. Liu Shishi, Wu Qilong, Yang Mi, Qiao Zhenyu, and Li Xiaoran have all won popularity awards.

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What do Mesozoic actors fight for?

  As capital ebbs and the film and television industry enters a cold winter, high-quality content becomes crucial. For actors, their own abilities have become hard currency.

  The key is that after experiencing a round of barbaric growth, film and television creation returns to common sense, and the audience's requirements are getting higher and higher, which forces actors to make breakthroughs from different levels. The flow actors began to hone their acting skills, and the contests between the Mesozoic actors were not easy. In addition to acting, there is also the choice of works and roles.

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  Sun Honglei is one of the actors who have won the most awards in the history of the Magnolia Award, but in the past two years, his film and television works are not many, and the evaluations are average. Last year's "Take Dad to Study Abroad" Douban scored 3.5 points. The nominated "New World" is well-made, but the score is high. "The Old Tavern" by Chen Baoguo and Qin Hailu was directed by Liu Jiang and written by Gao Mantang. It was well received, but some viewers thought the play was old thinking.

  The standards of good dramas are changing. In addition to acting skills, audiences also pay more attention to whether the script is not solid, whether the plot is new, and whether it can resonate. Even if it is a good-looking drama, it may also encounter waterloo, such as "Youth Fight" directed by Zhao Baogang and "Late Night Canteen" starring Huang Lei. This year's hit "Elite Lawyers", "If Time Can Turn Back" and "Perfect Relationship" are also facing the dilemma of not being well received.

"The Twelve Hours of Chang'an" and "Celebrating More Than Years" poster

  The rise of web dramas has also brought challenges and opportunities to Mesozoic actors. The challenge is that actors will face new creative methods and more stringent requirements. The opportunity is that when traditional TV dramas have problems such as water injection and outdated values, typified, fast-paced, and high-quality web dramas are gaining more audiences. Provide more room for play.

  This year is the first time that the Magnolia Award has been opened to online dramas. Both "The Twelve Hours of Chang'an" and "Celebrating More Than Years" have been shortlisted for multiple awards in the TV series. The most recent "The Hidden Corner" also brought Qin Hao, Liu Lin, and Zhang Songwen into flames. Presumably next year, the contest of Mesozoic actors will be more intense. (Finish)