Mayor Hiroshima Matsui “Promoting solidarity towards the abolition of nuclear weapons” at the Peace Declaration 9:48, August 6

Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima City urged the Japanese government to join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and join forces in each country to "solidarity" toward the abolition of nuclear weapons in a declaration of peace for the 75th year of the atomic bombing. ..

At the beginning of the Peace Declaration of the 75th A-bomb, Mayor Matsui said, "Hiroshima was said to have "vegetable plants for 75 years." It's a city that does."

Next, in order not to repeat the tragic past, when a man who saw the tragedy immediately after the atomic bombing when he was 13 years old left behind, saying, "I am in a dispute because I think only about myself and my own country". Emphasized the need for “solidarity”.

In addition, regarding the NPT = Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Nuclear Weapons Treaty, "The trend is unclear despite the framework that must be surely'continued' for the next generation. I would like them to do their utmost to build a security system that does not rely on them."

He also told the Japanese government, "In order to firmly act as a bridge between the nuclear-weapon states and the non-nuclear-weapon states, we take the thoughts of the A-bomb victims in good faith and become a party to the Nuclear Weapons Treaty. , I would like people all over the world to sympathize with the heart of the atomic bombed Hiroshima and appeal to "solidarity.""

On the other hand, regarding the so-called "black rain" that contains radioactive substances that fell immediately after the atomic bombing, the government made a political decision toward the expansion of the region that was recognized as raining, bearing in mind the decision of the Hiroshima District Court last month. I sought again.