Uncover the shady! This hospital has set many traps, but you didn’t discuss it.

  On January 22 this year, the Honghuagang District People’s Court of Zunyi City publicly pronounced a first-instance sentence in the case of a criminal group in the Huichuan Eurasia Hospital in Zunyi. The defendant Han was convicted of fraud, extortion, and intentional injury. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, fined 9.2 million yuan, and deprived of political rights for five years. The other chief elements and members of the evil criminal group were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from three to 19 years and six months, and fined. Not long ago, the case was pronounced at the second instance and the original judgment was upheld.

  How can the operator of a hospital become an evil force? What did they do?

  The defendant Zunyi Eurasia Hospital promoted itself as a comprehensive male hospital integrating medical treatment, prevention, health care and rehabilitation services. In May 2014, Mr. Han from Fujian served as the general manager of the Eurasian Hospital. He organized his relatives and fellow villagers in his hometown to build himself into the most professional male hospital in the Southwest through a large number of advertisements.

  Police officer Deng Nan of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Honghuagang Branch of the Zunyi City Public Security Bureau said: “Use some beautiful women’s or doctor’s avatars on the Internet to seduce victims, and ask in a routine and a little seductive way, how is your recent sex life? , Or do you feel any discomfort in your body, male issues."

  In general hospitals, patients go to see a doctor, but Zunyi Eurasia Hospital is unusual. They hired a group of customer service staff with no medical knowledge to pretend to be professional doctors to induce patients to come to the hospital for treatment online. This is a trick of Zunyi Eurasia Hospital. The patient's first trick is "inducing disease diagnosis." In the workplace of this "network consultant", each room is densely packed with hundreds of mobile phones and a large number of computers. These customer service staff continue to chat with people online, inquire about the condition, and send people to the hospital for examination.

  Li Yan, leader of the third squadron of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Honghuagang Branch of the Zunyi City Public Security Bureau, said: “According to statistics, they add victims through WeChat and randomly add them using the Zunyi number of the three major operators. They can add 45,000 per month. people."

Falsify inspection results to create false conditions

  As long as you are fooled into the Zunyi Eurasia Hospital, you will not be able to escape the net here. How to get patients to take out the money obediently, they have their own unique secrets. First of all, the patient is induced to lie in the operating room for an invasive examination, that is, falsely claiming that the patient has all kinds of serious symptoms suddenly and requires immediate surgical treatment. A video was put on the WeChat group of the hospital for everyone to learn, but it did not teach the "medical skills" of seeing a doctor, but a routine of defrauding patients. The patient is firmly controlled on the operating table. In the video, the female doctor wearing a white coat standing on the side talking is Liu. At the Eurasian Hospital in Zunyi, she was aliased "Wang Fang" and became a well-known doctor in the Andrology Clinic. The reporter met Liu in the Zunyi City Detention Center.

  Liu, who graduated from technical secondary school without any qualifications to practice medicine, actually became a doctor in Zunyi Eurasian Hospital, with a guaranteed income of 100,000 yuan a month. Her unique job is not to treat patients, but to successfully persuade patients to perform operations. The internal term is "effective development" of patients.

  The patient was lying on the operating table, and his family members were anxious. Due to the asymmetry of information between the doctor and the patient, most patients and their family members would obediently pay when they heard the doctor’s persuasion. Zunyi Eurasia Hospital has a term called "single development cost", which stipulates that the single development cost must be above 8,000 to be qualified. In the process of invasive inspection and effective development, Zunyi Eurasia Hospital also has a very bad practice to "create illness."

  Li Yan, captain of the third squadron of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Honghuagang Branch of the Zunyi City Public Security Bureau, said: "The victim Yang, 23 years old, went to the Eurasian Hospital for a circumcision with his girlfriend. After the circumcision, the doctor followed him. Say, you have a cyst. The victim has the heart to die when he hears the cyst, but the cyst was made in a hospital. A blister was injected into the subcutaneous tissue with a syringe, saying it was a cyst."

  If the patient finds something wrong at this time, refuses the operation and wants to leave, Zunyi Eurasia Hospital will also have a set of measures to deal with it.

  Police officer Deng Nan of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Honghuagang Branch of the Zunyi City Public Security Bureau said: "At this time, the doctor will tell you that you can leave, but the hospital will not be responsible if any problems arise. Most people are forced under such circumstances. Paid for the surgery."

  In Zunyi Eurasia Hospital, threatening to blackmail patients like this is not the personal behavior of a certain doctor, but the organized, planned, and cooperative behavior of the hospital. All links are closely coordinated, and patients can be checked if they are not sick. Xu works in the treatment room of Zunyi Eurasia Hospital and is responsible for the sexual function examination and treatment of patients.

  According to Xu's account, the doctor issued an order for the patient to do a certain examination, and they all corresponded to the same result. The various departments of the Zunyi Eurasia Hospital cooperate with each other tacitly, and even the medicine they take when treating patients is tricky.

  Rifampicin is a drug for the treatment of tuberculosis. It has certain adverse reactions to the digestive tract and liver. Urine will turn orange-red after eating. As long as the doctor’s prescription says “take medicine”, everyone understands that it means rifampicin. This medicine can only be taken by the patient in the hospital, the patient is not allowed to take it away, and it cannot be written into the prescription. The Zunyi Eurasia Hospital creates the illusion of toxins by giving patients medicine. In order to let patients see the effect of treatment, Eurasia Hospital also made hands and feet inside the patient's urine bag. When the treatment is completed, the doctor will show the patient the urine that he has discharged, which contains sediment, which is actually the medicine injected in advance.

Raising the knife on the operating table increases the price to blackmail patients

  Zunyi Eurasia Hospital uses various methods to lure patients with the purpose of making money, and the core of these tricks is "raising the knife and increasing the price." It is that the surgeon temporarily increases the price on the operating table to make huge profits. Mr. Yang experienced such a trap in Zunyi Eurasia Hospital. He has always suspected that he is suffering from "male dysfunction". He checked on his mobile phone and found the Andrology Hospital in "Zunyi Eurasia". After an examination, Mr. Yang was shocked. The doctor said that his problem was very serious and he had to undergo an invasive examination. Immediately afterwards, Mr. Yang was arranged into the operating room. After his genital area was opened, the doctor said that he would immediately perform a "circumcision" operation. According to the hospital regulations, he must pay a total of five to six thousand yuan for the operation. The operation can continue.

  Mr. Yang didn't have enough money with him. Because he was worried about delaying treatment, he hurriedly took a taxi home to get his bank card and paid the fee when the wound was not sutured and only a simple dressing. I thought that after paying the money, he could heal his unspeakable secrets. Unexpectedly, when he was on the operating table for the second time, various unexpected problems followed, and the doctor discovered that he had a new condition. Said that he had a blood vessel a little blocked, which would have a great impact on the future life of the couple. At this time, Mr. Yang was struggling, he did not want to pay, and the doctor's attitude immediately became very bad, telling him that if he did not perform these operations together, they would not be responsible for the consequences and affect his entire life. Mr. Yang became more afraid as he listened, and forced to use the POS machine on the hospital bed.

  Mr. Yang was lying on the operating table. The doctor brought the POS machine. Mr. Yang paid 6,500 yuan and the operation continued. But after a while, the doctor asked Mr. Yang to pay the bill again. It is said to be extended, otherwise it will not be effective, and doing it is the same as not doing it.

  This time, the doctor brought the POS machine again and made Mr. Yang, who was lying on the operating table, swipe his card to pay another 9,800 yuan. In just a few hours that night, Mr. Yang underwent three reproductive organ surgeries at the Eurasian Hospital, which cost nearly 20,000 yuan in total. However, after three operations, Mr. Yang did not feel that his physical condition has improved. In the next few months, a person in the hospital who claimed to be President Gu called on many times to ask about the results of his surgery, and said that he had invited an authoritative expert in Beijing to help him perform external repairs of his organs and further the treatment. In the end, Mr. Yang couldn't help the persuasion of Zunyi Eurasia Hospital and came to the hospital twice to undergo so-called repair operations. In the end, Mr. Yang was not cured, but his body was traumatized.

  Several urologists from the Zunyi City Public Hospital identified Mr. Yang’s injury. His organs had been severely bent and deformed, reaching the level of minor injuries. According to the survey, there are not a few people who have the same experience as Mr. Yang.

  Deng Nan said: “At present, 627 victims have been verified and notified them to come over for injury evaluation. Many victims did not accept the invitation for injury evaluation because of their personal privacy. 13 of them reached the second level of minor injuries, and the other 48 suffered minor injuries.”

  During this period, patients continued to complain to the local public security, health and other departments, but they were all settled in the end.

  When a patient complains to the health authority, Zunyi Eurasia Hospital can always resolve it easily.

  Sheng Mou, a former employee of the Eurasian Hospital in Zunyi, said: “The person who answers the complaint call will give him 1,000 yuan a month. If there is a complaint, he will send a text message to our office, and our hospital will handle the complaint.”

  The person Sheng Mou said to answer the complaint call was Lei Mou, a staff member of the Health Supervision Office of the Health Bureau of Huichuan District, Zunyi City. The reporter found him, and Lei admitted that a small number of them had not registered.

  The health department has a complaint registration system. After Lei received a complaint about Zunyi Eurasia Hospital, some of them secretly suppressed, did not register and report truthfully, and also notified Zunyi Eurasia Hospital by texting and calling as soon as possible. As a result, the illegal issues of the hospital have not been supervised in time and effectively.

  The reason why Zunyi Eurasia Hospital can behave nonchalantly and easily evade supervision is related to the inaction, chaos, asylum and even connivance of individual departments. After the Zunyi Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection received clues about the problems of Zunyi Eurasia Hospital, it immediately formed a task force to investigate, and gave 15 cadres party discipline and government sanctions, 14 people conducted admonishment talks, and 1 person was transferred to judicial prosecution on suspicion of taking bribes.

  In the four years since Zunyi Eurasia Hospital was established in 2014 and was investigated and prosecuted by the police in 2018, more than 20,000 patients went to see the doctor, causing multiple damages to property and body and mind to the people. Falsified examination results, fabricated false conditions, and "raised the knife to increase prices" on the operating table to blackmail and threaten patients. The methods are shocking. One of the reasons why this hospital has been so popular for a long time is that some supervisors do not act, act indiscriminately, shelter and indulge, and harm the public. Running a medical service in the society is the direction of our country's medical reform. As of the end of April 2020, there were 35,000 hospitals nationwide, of which 23,000 were private hospitals. How to properly supervise and regulate development while encouraging and developing private medical institutions deserves consideration and attention.