Acquisition of Witnesses "Speaking of Not Involved" Attorney Akimoto's Lawyer Aug 6 19:27

Akimoto lawyer interviewed on June 6 about the arrest of the supporters of the House of Representatives Akimoto, who was charged with corruption cases over IR/integrated resort facilities, asking the bribery side to give witness testimony "The prosecution may have been investigating with the detention of Representative Akimoto in mind, but he says he is not involved at all," he said.

In the case of corruption involving IR/integrated resort facilities, three people, including a member of the House of Representatives Defendant Akimoto (48) and a corporate officer, Akito Awaji (54) and Fumihiko Sato (50), were bribery. Was asked to give witness testimony to two former counselors of the Chinese company, and was arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office on the suspicion of the acquisition of witnesses on the 4th, allegedly trying to hand over the reward.

Nobuo Gohara, a lawyer who was newly in charge of defending Akimoto in response to this incident, held a press conference on the 6th and said, “Awaji is my supporter and I have met after bail. Sato. I may have exchanged business cards with executives, but I don't remember clearly."

And at this point in time, the prosecution said there was no request from Akimoto to ask the circumstances. “If Akimoto asks to contact the bribery without going through a lawyer, he will violate the bail conditions. Although he may have been investigating in mind, he says he is not involved at all."