In its official account on the social networking site "Twitter", the National Authority for Emergency Management, Crises and Disasters launched the tag # We Commit to Victory, after informing the government of the Emirates about the latest developments of Covid-19, through which the Minister of Health and Community Protection Abdul Rahman Al-Owais called on the citizens of the UAE from citizens And residents, to commit to victory over this virus.

"Emergency and Crises" published a video called "We Commit to Win" to urge the public to adhere to the Corona precautionary measures to reach zero injuries, accompanied by the phrase: "The decision is up to you", at the end of the video.

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority: # We commit to victory # Emirates_ today

- Emirates Today (@emaratalyoum) August 6, 2020

Tweeters interacted with the tag, expressing through it the need to continue to adhere to the preventive measures against the "Corona" virus, and that this is a collective responsibility of the various members of society, residents and citizens.

Moghridon emphasized that the victory over the Corona virus will only be by adhering to all procedures recommended by government agencies, and one of the tweeters said: "Remember dear citizens and residents that the virus is hidden and you will never see it ... Take your decision carefully because you are responsible ... Please be committed and not be a reason In our defeat. "

Another said: "Emirati leadership is betting on the level of societal awareness in the commitment of individuals to the instructions issued by the concerned authorities, and it bears everyone's responsibilities, to ensure the greatest degree of control and control ... commitment is the path of victory."

Moghradoun pointed out that commitment is a collective responsibility of all residents of the UAE, residents and citizens, without exception, calling on all members of society to join hands and cooperate to eliminate "Corona". One of the tweets said: "# We commit to - to win everyone over the territory of our country concerned with this matter, we hope that Everyone is united and cooperating to achieve the desired, God willing, and our success is only from God .. We will win with God's help. "

Another said: "The role is for everyone without exception ... simple steps from each person mean a lot to the efforts of thousands of workers in the health sector, and the state has millions of dispositions to confront this pandemic ... # We commit to victory."

Also, Twitterers pointed out that commitment is the cornerstone of getting out of this crisis, and one of them said: "Commitment to precautionary measures is the cornerstone of getting out of the crisis ... to make the difference ... to achieve victory for our dear homeland # We commit to victory.

And a lot of singers, in turn, pledged to the government and people of the state to abide by all preventive measures until reaching zero cases, and one of them said: "We pledge before our dear homeland and our rulers to abide until reaching 0 cases, and we will prevail over this epidemic, God willing."

Another said: "The effort of the leadership, the people, and the residents is yielding its fruits ... Our commitment is a national and necessary duty and an urgent demand to preserve the security and safety of all ... We pledge our commitment until reaching zero cases of injuries."