The popular Mukbang YouTuber Tsuyang (real name Park Jeong-won), with 26.7 million subscribers, has declared retirement.

On the 6th, Tsuyang posted a video on his YouTube channel saying "I will finish YouTube broadcasting" and announced that he will no longer broadcast.

In the video, Tsyang clarified the controversy of the recent back advertisement (composing the video as though it had not received the advertising fee even though it received an advertising fee, and not showing this fact in the video).

Tsuyang said, "I didn't put advertisements on a few videos at the beginning of the broadcast. This is obviously wrong and I apologize." Then, according to the guidelines for screening advertisements on recommendation guarantees, etc., before the September 1 legislation was changed, the “More videos” section was marked at the top. "I have never received any compensation."

She also said, "I have never committed tax evasion," and "I've also seen numerous YouTubers who do not display advertisements, and I hope that these things will change. "I will be responsible for this and I will quit all broadcasting activities including YouTube."

"The reason I quit broadcasting was ignorant when I first started broadcasting, so I couldn't keep the ad notation properly in a few videos for a short period of time, but I've told you about this in the past, and for a very long time "I swear that I've been broadcasting without complaining to viewers without deceiving the viewers by adhering to the laws regarding the advertisement notation."

In the comments culture spreading false facts such as'I've been secretly back advertising','This is an advertisement even though it is a video that is not an advertisement','I evacuated', and'fraudsters', etc. "I'm tired and I don't want to do any more broadcasting activities in the future," he said.

Lastly, Tsuyang concluded the video by saying, "The 10 videos shot on the land map were really hard, so I really want to leave them as the last."

[Photo = Tsyang Broadcasting Capture]

(SBS funE Reporter Sun-ae Kang)