The Paper, senior reporter Wei Jiaming and intern Lu Yan

Zhang Yuhuan and Song Xiaonv clasped their hands. The Paper, News Reporter Wei Jiaming

  After waiting for 9778 days and nights, on the afternoon of August 4th, Song Xiaonv finally met Zhang Yuhuan, who she was thinking of: He was wearing a black and gray striped shirt, tied with red silk and satin flowers and walked into the gate of Zhang's house surrounded by everyone. Song Xiaonv stepped forward and fainted at the door of the house due to excessive excitement before she could speak.

  It should have belonged to the night of the reunion, Song Xiaonu, accompanied by her two sons, was carried on a 120 ambulance and sent to the People's Hospital of Jinxian County, Nanchang City. On the evening of the 4th, she underwent an electrocardiogram in the emergency room and was injected with a sedative needle, which gradually eased her mind. Late at night, she told The Paper ( that when she saw Zhang Yuhuan go home, her heart was filled with joy and sorrow. She knew that after a brief meeting, she would eventually return to her original life. , Unable to give Zhang Yuhuan a complete home, "Others come out, but still have nothing."

  At less than 8 o'clock in the morning on August 5th, just after her body recovered, Song Xiaonv drove to Zhangjiacun again and accompanied Zhang Yuhuan to the grave of her father-in-law Zhang Guofu. After nearly 27 years, the two clasped their hands again, but they did not hug each other. Zhang Yuhuan told The Paper that it was not that he missed Miss Song, but that he was worried about her body and feared that she would be emotional again, and "can only hold it back."

  In 1988, the 18-year-old Song Xiaonv married Zhang Yuhuan, who was 21 years old at the time, and later had two sons. In the fifth year after marriage, their lives were broken by a sudden murder.

  In October 1993, Zhang Yuhuan was arrested and was acquitted on August 4, 2020.

  In order to make a living and the future of her two sons, 11 years ago, Song Xiaonv decided to remarry, but before signing the divorce agreement, she put forward three conditions to her current husband, including that she must treat Zhang Yuhuan’s two sons unconditionally. Allow her to go back to meet Zhang Yuhuan at any time.

  Eight years ago, Song Xiaonv suffered from cervical cancer. The operation failed and the bladder ruptured. At that time, across the glass of the prison interview room, Zhang Yuhuan persuaded her: In any case, we must live. God seemed to have favored her, and Song Xiaonu survived time and time again, "probably so that I can see Zhang Yuhuan again on this day to regain her freedom."

The following is the dialogue between Song Xiaonv and Zhang Yuhuan when they met:

  (Song-Song Xiaonv, Zhang-Zhang Yuhuan)

  Song: From the day you (was arrested) left, I saw you get in the car with my own eyes.

  Zhang: Yes, you still called me back.

  Song: I have been waiting for you, because every time I visit you, I always say that. If Zhang Yuhuan comes out, he will definitely hug me. Every time I go to see you, I want to hug you because of this hug. , Is buried in my heart. It doesn’t matter if you don’t hug, but you know, you owe me a hug. You owed me this hug since 1993, and until 1999, I married my current husband.

  Zhang: I also understand.

  Song: But you have to remember this hug. You owe me forever. It was the hug from 1993 to 1999. You only need to know it.

  Zhang: ...I (person) came back from a young man to an old man. But on the one hand, I would also like to thank the governments for returning my innocence and uphold justice for me.

  ……Even if I get money, I can’t buy back my 27 years of youth. Over the years, the younger son has visited me twice in prison, and the elder son didn’t see him until yesterday. I didn’t recognize him at first, so he was not happy and I understood him.

  Song: Because the eldest son got married early, he was under too much pressure. He got married at the age of nineteen and his wife was in the same year as him. At the age of 19, he was originally a child. At that time, my daughter-in-law said to me, mother, can you help me with the baby, I told her, mother can’t help you, mother wants to make money, but also to two younger brothers (Note: Song Xiaonv’s current husband and ex-wife also raise One son) married a wife, so they will bring their own children in the future. My eldest son Baoren, he makes money alone and spends three people. He is... (hesitating to speak and stop) step by step.

  Zhang: My son blames me, I don't blame him, because I know that their family lives are very tight, but I hope they live well outside. I hope my two sons, grandson, and your daughter Song have a good time.

  Song: Yes, I had a good time outside. Everything I say to you is good (situation), but now you are back, I will tell you that I had a bad life. I am in front of people, I am still a person, behind, I am not as good as a dog. The dog is injured and there is the owner (covering his eyes with his hands and wiping tears), and the owner can comfort him. It is not easy for the three of us, especially when Lawyer Wang or some reporters and media come to me. I am on call unconditionally.

  Zhang: Yes, I am actually very moved.

  Song (to the media present): You just asked Zhang Yuhuan whether he wanted to (apply) to be held accountable. Today I will also say that from (19) 1993 to 1999, I must be held accountable. ...

  Zhang: (Handing tissues) Forget it.

  Song: I have a tumor and I am sick. I have no choice for my children. (Wiping tears) So I have to hold (the responsibility of the relevant personnel).