[Contemporary] Chen Ling: We are now in the Dahu water area of ​​Honghu Lake. It turned out that this place is very very beautiful, with lotus and reed, and then they all grow very beautiful. The lotus is also very large, but because the water level is rising, so The lotus was drowned, and then the reeds withered.

  [Commentary] The girl in the picture is named Chen Ling, 30 years old this year, and is the chairwoman of Qujiawan Village, Qujiawan Town, Honghu City, Hubei. At the age of 8, Chen Ling was amputated below her right elbow due to an accident. Even so, she can be seen on the front line of the fight against the epidemic not long ago as well as the front line of this flood control. Chen Ling said that although she is a native of Yunnan, after marrying Honghu, this is also her home, and she wants to do everything she can for her family.

  [Concurrent] Chen Ling: Many (people) said that they would let me rest, and then I don’t need to go down to the embankment, only on the embankment, but I think I should do this with them. If this happens, It makes more sense.

  [Explanation] At 8 o'clock on August 4, the water level of Honghu Lake was 26.25 meters, which was still 0.05 meters above the warning level. At noon, on the west approach embankment of Zibeiyuan, the main channel of the Four Lakes, the heat wave in the flood guard shed was hitting people. The excavator stopped and stood by. Chen Ling and the patrol staff, wearing a straw hat and carrying a spade on their shoulders, began to investigate the danger. After one inspection, I was sweating.

  [Contemporary] Chen Ling: The hardest part is getting tanned, but I am also very happy because it is very meaningful to do this job, it is mainly to defend my homeland.

  [Explanation] The reporter opened the flood control inspection record sheet and saw that according to the flood conditions and water level changes, all staff patrolled the dike at a fixed time every day. The inspection situation and remarks are clearly recorded in the book. According to Li Wei, the commander of the Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Qujiawan Town, Honghu City, the focus at this stage is on preventing slope fallout and other dangers. For this reason, personnel are mobilized to carry out uninterrupted and dragnet inspections, focusing on the dangers that have been dealt with in the early stage.

  [Concurrent] Chen Xingda, Secretary of the Party Branch of Chenwan Village, Qujiawan Town, Honghu City: Every day, our flood control personnel are to go to the embankment normally, inspect the embankment for danger, and clean up the environmental sanitation. A time period has been set. , We are now 24 hours a day, divided into 3 shifts, and 3 shifts are on duty 24 hours a day.

  [Explanation] Honghu Lake is the largest lake in Hubei Province. Honghu City faces the main stream of the Yangtze River in the east. The 135.55-kilometer-long Honghu Yangtze River Main Embankment is an important facility for handling excess flooding at Chenglingji of the Yangtze River and ensuring the flood control safety of the Jingjiang embankment and Wuhan City. At the same time, Honghu Lake also needs to protect its 94-kilometer perimeter lake embankment and other river channels and ports. In particular, it is necessary to prevent the risks caused by the unique windy weather of Honghu Lake. Currently, the flood control emergency response level of Honghu City has been adjusted from the first level to the second level.

  Zou Hao and Zhou Xingliang report from Honghu, Hubei

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]