Severe heat Ice shipping peak at ice factory Hyogo Prince Town August 5 14:11

Amid the severe heat, the ice factory in Taishi Town, Hyogo Prefecture, has peaked the shipment of ice used for shaved ice and ice coffee.

The Honda Refrigeration Factory in Taishi-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, manufactures on-the-rock and shaved ice, as well as ice coffee for sale at convenience stores.

At the factory, the natural water pumped up from the wells is frozen over a day to form icicles with a height of 1 meter, which are crushed with a special machine to make smashed ice.

Demand for ice is now peaking amid the intense heat, the plant is fully operational 24 hours a day, producing only about 50 tons of ice coffee for 300,000 cups a day ..

The company said that due to the new coronavirus, sales fell by about 20% in April and May compared to last year, but the order has returned to normal as summer entered.

Akiyoshi Honda said, "It's been hot on this day and we're shipping three to four times as much ice as the usual months. We want to survive the summer with full 24-hour operation."