Infection spread from June to 33 schools in Tokyo's 23 wards were temporarily closed. There was concern about learning delays at 1:59 on August 6.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, we found that since June this year, there are 33 public elementary and junior high schools that were temporarily closed in Tokyo's 23 wards due to infection. Some schools have been closed for two weeks, and some are concerned about delays in learning.

NHK interviewed the board of education in Tokyo's 23 wards and found that from June to 5th, 18 schools were elementary schools that were temporarily closed due to the new coronavirus infecting children and students. There were 15 junior high schools, 33 in total.

By region, ▽ Adachi-ku has 10 schools, ▽ Taito-ku has 5 schools, ▽ Edogawa-ku has 4 schools, ▽ Ota-ku has 3 schools, ▽ Koto-ku, Setagaya-ku, Kita-ku, Itabashi-ku each has 2 schools, and ▽ Shinjuku There is one school in each of the Ward, Suginami and Nerima Wards. In addition, there were one elementary school each with closed classes in Arakawa and Katsushika.

On the other hand, there were seven schools that did not take measures such as suspension of school because it was confirmed that there were no rich contacts even if infected people appeared, or because they were absent from school two days before the symptoms appeared. ..

The period of school closure varied from a minimum of 1 day to 2 weeks including Saturday and Sunday, and the longest period was the elementary school in Koto Ward, which was infected by 4 teachers. It was later extended because the asymptomatic two were found to be infected.

Adachi ward staff of the 23 ward board of education said, "Since the school has already been closed for two months, the school will have to revisit its lesson plan even if it is closed for a few days. In the future, more people will be infected. If there are many temporary closures, it may be difficult to secure class time."