On August 5, the giant panda "Jia Jia" celebrated her 8th birthday. On the same day, the Shanghai Wildlife Park publicly called for his son.

  The giant panda "Jia Jia" was born on August 5, 2012, and is the child of the returned giant panda "Huami". "Jia Jia" is a "big beauty" in the panda world. She has a lively personality and likes to climb trees, play and take a bath.

  On October 6 last year, the giant panda "Jia Jia" gave birth to a "son" at the Shanghai Wildlife Park. At present, the weight of this little panda has exceeded 36 kilograms. The childcare workers nicknamed it "little fat boy" in private. Now, the 10-month-old "little fat boy" is becoming more and more active and active, and he especially likes climbing. Sometimes it is soft and cute, sometimes milky; sometimes it is the "little warm man" who sticks to his mother; sometimes it is the "little naughty" who grabs food from his mother.

  On the 8th birthday of the giant panda "Jia Jia", Shanghai Wildlife Park launched a name call for its son. (Edited by Chen Jing, Ni Li, Xu Mingrui, Le Xiaomin)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]