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Never before has Ellen DeGeneres' show experienced such a crisis. According to TheWrap , audiences for the host's talk show were down 9% last week, compared to the previous week, but more importantly, they would have collapsed by 29% when compared to those of the last year at the same time. It is difficult to say if it is the controversy around the harassment and the toxic atmosphere on the set that marred the image of the star or if it is a natural consequence of the erosion of audiences in a particular period for the television, which is still suffering the consequences of the pandemic… But one thing is certain: Americans seem to be more passionate about the star's setbacks than for his interviews with his friends from show business.

Still standing

At the end of last week, rumors said that the comedian was considering ending the program, believing that it was probably the only way to get rid of the controversy. But as the Today note , the show's team went back to work on Monday and everything indicates that the return to the air, scheduled for next September (the shows currently broadcast are reruns) will go as planned, even if changes are expected in the production team, particularly questioned by the accusers. Since her apology, sent to the show's crew, Ellen DeGeneres has remained very discreet, letting her friends defend her on social media.


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