Today (August 5th) noon, Hangzhou held a press conference to inform the latest progress in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  Wang Xuchu, deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission, reported that in the early morning of today (5th), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a person from Xinjiang who tested positive for the nucleic acid of the new coronavirus was determined to be asymptomatic.

  After preliminary investigation, the officer was male, 19 years old, college student, and was from Shache County, Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang. He flew from Kashgar, Xinjiang to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport via Urumqi on July 13, and arrived in Hangzhou by high-speed rail on the afternoon of July 15. On August 4, the person went to the ophthalmology department of Zhejiang Second Hospital and planned to undergo eye surgery. Before the operation, the new coronary pneumonia antibody IGM was positive, and then the nucleic acid test was positive. So far, the person has no clinical symptoms such as fever and cough.