It is August, after the coolest July, and heavy rain. When this summer comes, there are many people who say global warming is not a reality or a problem. However, it is not that there is no problem that summer is not hot.

In Siberia, the heat wave was rampant. The city of Verkhoyansk, located in East Siberia, has risen to a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, and the temperature has risen by more than 10 degrees compared to the previous year, and there have been many places where it shows hot and dry weather. Hot dry weather led to forest fires. Fires spread with heat waves throughout Siberia and have not been extinguished for a long time. As of the end of July, the area of ​​damage exceeded that of Greece. For reference, the land area of ​​Greece is 131,957km2, which is larger than the land of Korea (100,210km2). In Siberia, 30,000 km2 of forest was burned by fire in 2019.

Trees grow by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide, the main culprit of global warming, by photosynthesis. The carbon dioxide emitted by us while using coal-fired power plants, gas-fired power plants, gasoline, and diesel cars is stored in some trees. So I could put some brakes on global warming. However, this kind of fire releases the carbon dioxide that the trees have stored for decades all at once. The forest that helped, however, becomes a large source of greenhouse gases. It's like a real business unit that sustained the company makes a huge loss in the morning. The tree will grow again, but I cannot guarantee that it will be the same as before. It is because of the climate reality that can grow and burn again at any time.
East Asia groaned as a water-war while it was sweeping the Arctic Circle . Rain continued to rain. In China, the rain that started falling in May is still not over. Property damage increased to $16.58 billion (about 19.81 trillion won) as of July 23, and the number of victims exceeded 40 million.

Experts say that global warming has increased the flood damage in China. Heavy rain damage is one of the typical phenomena of global warming. This is because more water vapor rises into the atmosphere as the water temperature and temperature rise.

In Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, 98 mm of rain per hour and 500 mm of rain poured throughout the day. It is the largest in history. Fourteen deaths occurred in one elderly care facility alone.

There was also great rain damage in Korea. In the central region, the rainy season lasted over 40 days. Last month, a strong rain of 90mm per hour poured near Haeundae in Busan. There was also a sad accident where three people died because the water was rapidly flooding the underground road.

"The cold air from the North Pole to the south prevents the smooth north of the rainy season," said Lee Eun-jung, a spokesman for the Korea Meteorological Administration. In addition, he pointed out that the warming phenomenon is serious as "the phenomenon that the Arctic cold air south is caused by the increase in the Arctic temperature due to global warming."

Let's go one step further. Then why did the Arctic temperature rise? That's because when we use coal, petroleum, and natural gas to make electricity, to roll automobiles, and to make steel, carbon dioxide is generated in large quantities.

We need to make electricity from solar and wind power and expand the supply of electric vehicles. The energy efficiency of buildings should be increased and meat consumption should be reduced. Just as basic hand washing, wearing a mask, and coughing etiquette are necessary to prevent corona spread, there are basic rules that must be followed to suppress global warming.

Why are there many antagonisms and doubts about diagnosis and prescriptions to prevent global warming? Even at this moment, a lot of rain is falling in the wake of global warming. If you suspect global warming and refuse a solution, think about it. Is it against the scientific grounds, or is it because of my vague feeling?

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