China News Service, Jinhua, August 5 (Reporter Xi Jinyan, Correspondent Cheng Mingxing Yu Ninglei Gu Chengguan) Typhoon Hagupit, which landed on the coast of Zhejiang, carried wind and rain all the way to the mountains of central and southern Zhejiang. Starting on the morning of the 4th, heavy rainstorms have generally fallen in the central and eastern parts of Yongkang, Zhejiang, and there have been many dangerous situations such as flash floods in small watersheds, floods in towns, and flooding in villages.

Jinhua armed police transfers trapped people to Yu Ninglei

  A typhoon is a test. On this thrilling sleepless night, there was a group of "guardians" who shuttled through the storms, trekking through mountain village roads, and wrote a thrilling battle against typhoon, and built a warm barrier for the city.

  "Come on, come on, come on, uncle." On the afternoon of the 4th, the heavy rain in Qingwei Street Village, Xiangzhu Town, Yongkang City, a tender and sincere sound of cheering, penetrated the wind and rain, and made the anxious rescuers feel more powerful.

Rescue workers rescue trapped children provided by Cheng Mingxing

  "Is it the Red Arrow rescue team? There are dozens of children trapped in Qingweijie Village and urgently need support." When the pointer was dialed back to 15:20, a call for help touched the heart of the Red Arrow rescue team.

  Time is life. With the integration of the team and equipment, the Red Arrow rescue team leader Lu Haibo led the team straight to Qingwei Street Village. The trapped children were on the first floor of two buildings in the village, one of which had to go out first and then go up to the second floor due to the special structure of the house. However, under the influence of heavy rainfall, the rainfall in Xiangzhu exceeded 100mm, causing serious waterlogging in Qingweijie Village. The wide street in the past turned into a rapid stream with a depth of about 1 meter, which also blocked the way for children to go to the second floor. .

The police help transfer the trapped people Yongkang Public Security provides

  In order to enter the bungalow to transfer the trapped children, the rescue team must first cross this 10-meter-wide rapid. Thinking that the children were eagerly looking forward to it, Lu Haibo immediately formulated countermeasures and organized equipment to arrange rescue. While the team members were busy preparing, an accident happened, and an old man rushed down the rapids. When it was too late, the team member Wang Hongliang plunged into the turbulent water and grabbed the old man. Immediately afterwards, several team members joined forces to rescue the old man.

  At 15:45, the rapids still had no intention of retreating. After all preparations were made, the rescue team threw the rescue rope to the opposite building from a height. After being firmly secured, the rope became a "bridge of life" across the rapids. Without hesitation, Shi Yueliang, a retired soldier, hung his hands and feet on the ropes and crawled to the opposite building. In the meantime, the rapids kept slapping his back, and the swaying rope made him choke a few saliva.

  As Shi Yueliang was moving forward, a naive voice of "Come on, Come on" came out from the opposite building-this was the encouragement of the trapped children, through the wind and rain.

  After 5 minutes of climbing, Shi Yueliang successfully reached the building where the children were trapped. While comforting the children, he walked out the gate holding the children, and then moved them to the second floor. Amid the crackling rain, the children cheered triumphantly in the building, "Uncle, you are a hero."

The police help transfer the trapped people Yongkang Public Security provides

  At 17:30, the rapids began to recede. The Red Arrows, who had just patrolled the entire village, dripped the children on the second floor back to the safe area one by one. This time, the Red Arrow rescue team safely transferred 80 children. At 20:30, the Red Arrow rescue team, which had not had time to repair in the future, rushed to the economic development zone again to carry out a new round of flood fighting.

  As the night gets deeper and deeper, rescue is still ongoing. "The water level in the ancient mountains has risen, the roads have been flooded, and many people have been trapped in their homes, asking for support." At 20:30, 51 officers and soldiers of the Jinhua Detachment of the Armed Police Force had just transferred the victims in Zhaikou New Village, Xixi Town, and they were too late to eat. After a bite of hot rice, he hurried to Gushan on the assault boat.

  At 21:50, after the rescue officers and soldiers arrived at the disaster site, they found that the deepest part of the Wenchangxing Park section reached 2 meters and the houses in the community had almost flooded one floor. In the dark, armed police officers and soldiers rode an assault boat with a flashlight and marched in the affected area. The surrounding area was pitch black, and the sound of floods hitting waves was heard from time to time. The officers and soldiers searched with lights and shouted, "We are armed police officers and soldiers, are there anyone inside?"

  At about 22:30, the armed police officers and soldiers found three trapped children, 10 meters away from the children, there was a swelling river with undercurrents everywhere, and the situation was very critical. Due to the clutter of trees and unclear road conditions in the park, the armed police officers and soldiers jumped off the assault boat to safely transfer the trapped children to the assault boat by relay.

  The Chief of Staff of the Jinhua Detachment of the Armed Police, Wang Weiguo, told reporters that the rescue officers and soldiers were divided into four teams, driving 3 assault boats and 2 rubber boats to participate in the Gushan Town rescue mission. “The flood will not recede, and the rescue mission will continue.”

  According to preliminary statistics, as of 21.00 on the 4th, Typhoon Hagupit has caused 4,155 power outages in Yongkang City, involving 28,207 low-voltage users, 106 collapses, 1,517 houses collapsed, 29,890 mu of farmland damaged, and river embankments damaged. 55.9 km.

  In the face of the raging typhoon, Yongkang immediately organized all forces to carry out rescue operations. 10 professional rescue teams including fire rescue brigade, armed police force and power supply, Qianxi, etc. More than 1,000 people brought more than 600 sets of professional equipment such as assault boats into the intensive rescue. Among them, there were 15,656 cadres and masses participating in the anti-Taiwan disaster relief, and 22,994 inspectors. Rescue teams from Dongyang, Wuyi and other counties and cities rushed to help Yongkang. Up to now, 24,644 people have been transferred from Yongkang City, and more than 1,800 dangerous situations have been dealt with.

  From torrential rain to torrential torrents, the past 24 hours have been an extraordinary 24 hours for the "retrograde" who stood on the front line of resistance to Taiwan. After the intense rescue throughout the night, the storms of Yongkang have gradually ceased, and the mutual assistance is still continuing.

  From the fearless firefighting officers and soldiers in orange uniforms, the special policemen wearing black and sticking to the front line, to the party members and cadres running through the night, the "white angels" who are on standby at any time, the "red vests" who serve attentively... all kinds of figures, It became the most beautiful rainbow in the city after the typhoon. (Finish)