During the broadcast of'Hwang Jung-min's Music Show', a mishap broke out and a broadcasting accident occurred.

On the 5th, at 3:40 pm, KBS Cool FM'Hwang Jung-min's Music Show' was being broadcast live, and an unknown ghost broke through the glass window of'Radio Open Studio' located on the 1st floor of the main building of KBS and the broadcast was temporarily stopped. .

On this day's broadcast, Kim Hyung-gyu, the husband of dentist Yoon-Ah Ja-rim, appeared as a guest. While the two of them were talking, they heard the sound of the glass window breaking. Hwang Jung-min played the music, looked at the outside, and evacuated from the studio under the direction of the production team.

Guest Hyung-Gyu Kim made a closing comment on behalf of Hwang Jung-Min. "It's the first time in a broadcast like this. I'll finish the fourth part instead," Kim Hyung-kyu said.

KBS announced in an official press release that "a man who appeared in his 40s at 3:40 pm today (5th) was damaged by a large glass window in the radio open studio located on the 2nd floor of the KBS main building."

He added, "The man, who was struggling with a broken glass window, was arrested and arrested by the police who had been dispatched and is currently under investigation. Fortunately, there were no casualties." 

(Reporter Ji-hye Kim, SBS funE)