China-Singapore Jingwei Client, August 4th. The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a typhoon orange warning at 6 o'clock on August 4th: The center of this year’s No. 4 Typhoon "Hagupit" was on the coast of Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province around 3:30 am on the 4th. Log in. Affected by the typhoon, many trains and some flights were suspended, and some expressways were closed.

  Source: Central Meteorological Observatory

  The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that "Hagupit" will move northward at a speed of 20-25 kilometers per hour, and its intensity will gradually weaken. It will pass through north-central Zhejiang and south-central Jiangsu and move from central Jiangsu into the Yellow Sea on the morning of the 5th. Later, it gradually turned to the northeast and moved closer to the western coast of the Korean Peninsula.

  The Central Meteorological Observatory also issued strong wind forecasts: From 08:00 on August 4 to 08:00 on August 5, the western and southern East China Sea and the waters near the Diaoyu Islands, the central and southern Yellow Sea, the Yangtze River Estuary, Hangzhou Bay, the northeastern coast of Fujian, the coast of Zhejiang, the coast of Shanghai, There will be strong winds of magnitude 7 to 8 along the coast of Jiangsu. Among them, the winds in the west of the East China Sea, the coast of Zhejiang, Hangzhou Bay, the Yangtze River estuary, the coast of Shanghai, and the coast of southern Jiangsu will have winds of 9 to 10, and some sea areas can reach winds of magnitude 11 to 12 and gusts of 13 ~14 levels. In some areas of eastern Zhejiang, southeastern Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places, the wind force is 6-8 and gusts are 9 levels.

  Precipitation forecast from the Central Meteorological Observatory: From 08:00 on August 4 to 08:00 on August 5, there will be heavy to heavy rains in southeastern Jiangsu, Shanghai, and central and eastern Zhejiang. Among them, there will be heavy rains in Shanghai and northeastern Zhejiang, and local heavy rains (250~300 mm).

  According to news from the Zhejiang Provincial Emergency Management Department (Provincial Guidance Office) on the evening of the 3rd, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Prevention and Control coordinated with the Provincial Water Conservancy Department, the Provincial Food and Materials Bureau and other departments to forward commonly used flood and typhoon emergency supplies to Ningbo, Wenzhou, Zhoushan, Taizhou, and Lishui. There were 23,219 cases, including 8,414 in Wenzhou, 2,647 in Ningbo, 2,074 in Taizhou, 6,514 in Lishui, and 3570 in Zhoushan. The Emergency Response Office of the Provincial Joint Conference on Emergency and Prevention of Geological Disasters launched a level III emergency response to geological disasters at 17:00 on the 3rd. 

Multiple trains affected by suspension

  On the evening of the 3rd, the official Weibo "Yangtze River Delta Railway" of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. issued a reminder that according to the changes in the path of Typhoon Hagupit, in order to ensure the safe operation of passenger trains, the railway department decided to set a deadline at 14:00 on August 3 The temporary suspension period from 8:00 on the 4th was extended to 11:00 on the 4th, and measures such as temporary suspension and adjustment of operating sections were taken for trains passing through the Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway between Taizhou and Cangnan, and the Jinwen Railway between Lishui and Wenzhou South.

  Source: "Yangtze River Delta Railway" Weibo

  According to the Shanghai Administration of China Railways, passengers who have purchased tickets for out-of-service trains can apply for refunds on the Internet within 30 days from the boarding date of the ticket (including the day), or return the tickets at the station window with the original valid ID used at the time of ticket purchase (If you have printed the reimbursement voucher, please hand the voucher to the staff at the station window), there is no handling fee for the above. The railway department reminds passengers that for relevant information such as the number and time of the suspended trains, please refer to the station announcement. If you have any questions, you can call the railway customer service hotline 021-12306 for consultation. Passengers can follow the announcement on the China Railway 12306 railway customer service website, as well as the official Weibo and WeChat information of the Shanghai Bureau Group Corporation, to inquire about the train suspension and the schedule of the train, so as to arrange the itinerary. In the next step, the railway department will pay close attention to the changes in the path of the typhoon, and dynamically adjust the train operation plan according to the actual conditions such as wind speed, rainfall and disaster impact to ensure the safe travel needs of passengers.

  Source: Weibo of "Railway Shanghai Station"

  At the same time, the official Weibo of Shanghai Railway Station "Railway Shanghai Station" also issued a reminder that in response to the possible impact of Typhoon Hagupit No. 4 this year, in order to ensure the safe operation of passenger trains, August 3-4 Some passenger trains at Shanghai Railway Station are temporarily suspended or their operating intervals are shortened.

  Source: "Zhejiang News Channel" Weibo

  In addition, according to the Zhejiang News Channel, it was learned from Hangzhou Railway Station that due to the impact of Typhoon Hagupit, some EMU trains in Wenzhou, Cangnan and other southeastern coastal areas were suspended on August 4 through Hangzhou.

These high-speed ports are closed

  According to news from Zhejiang News Channel at 7:35 on the 4th, Taizhou road conditions: Affected by typhoon: 1. All two-way entrances of Taizhou section of G1523 Ningbo-Dongguan Expressway are closed, Wen-to-Taozhu exports are diverted, and Ningbo-to Nantang hub is a checkpoint; 2. S28 The two-way entrances of Duqiao, Zhangan, Yongquan, Yanjiang and Linhai urban areas of Taijin Expressway are closed, and the exit from Taiwan to Linhai urban area will be diverted; 3. The entrances of G15 Shenhai Expressway towards Wenzhou, Linhaibei, Linhainan and Taizhou are closed , The two-way Wenling West and Taizhou South entrances are closed, and the Wen to Taizhou South and Wen to Linhainan exits are alternately diverted. The G15 Shenhai Expressway transfers to the S28 Taijin Expressway in both directions and the Taixiang Water Hub is implemented as a bayonet; 4. S26 Zhuyong Expressway The entrances of Shenxianju and Gongyuyan to Wenzhou are closed, and the exit from Wenzhou to Shenxianju is diverted. 5. G1522 Changtai Expressway to Sanmen direction Yangtou, Tiantai, Baihe imports opened, Sanmen Tiantai exit diversion lifted.

Road conditions in Ningbo: 7:15 Due to the typhoon, the entire line of Ningbo’s jurisdiction is "two passengers and one danger" restricted. At present, S20 is opened to pass through the toll stations along the expressway, and the single lanes are released in an orderly manner. The Ningbo-Taiwan-Wenzhou expressway continues to divert to Ninghai, and the toll stations along the line are closed. The Taizhou section of the Ningbo-Dongguan Expressway is diverted, and toll stations along the line are closed. It is recommended that the "two passengers and one danger" postpone the trip, and the vehicles going south to continue to wait patiently, travel at the wrong time or detour on local roads.

Road conditions in Wenzhou: Due to the typhoon, all highways within Wenzhou are closed; Shenhai Expressway diverts traffic to Fenshuiguan, Wenli Expressway assists in diversion, and Zhuyong and Yongtaiwen Expressway Taizhou assists in diversion and the entrance is closed. Zhoushan Expressway traffic: G9211 Due to the influence of typhoon, Yongzhou Expressway has moderate to heavy rain in the area under its jurisdiction. The maximum wind force reaches level 7, and the speed limit is 60KM/H. Please remind passing vehicles to slow down and pay attention to the distance between vehicles!

Some flights at Wenzhou Airport are suspended

  According to the official website of Wenzhou Airport, affected by Typhoon No. 4 "Hagupit", Wenzhou Airport has launched a four-level response to the typhoon and flood prevention emergency plan. As of 15:00 on the 3rd, scheduled flight cancellations are as follows:

  Warm reminder from Wenzhou Airport:

  1. In the event of large-scale flight delays or cancellations, passengers are requested to check the specific information of their flights through the airport and airline service hotlines, websites, WeChat official accounts and other platforms in time. If your flight has been cancelled, don't rush to the airport blindly.

  2. If you have arrived at the airport, please pay attention to the delay information broadcast by the airport broadcast and display screen, and be sure to keep your mobile phone open. When waiting for the flight, please stay away from the boarding gate area to avoid missing important flight information.

  3. Passengers can choose to purchase delay insurance, and can handle refunds and changes according to the situation to effectively protect their rights and interests.

  4. In the event of flight delays or cancellations, passengers are requested to treat them rationally, maintain a good attitude, maintain a friendly attitude towards airport, airline and other staff, and avoid illegal activities such as "empty noise". (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)