After a long hiatus for several months due to the Corona pandemic, the Saudi League championship has started again, and all eyes will go today to confront Riyadh, which will gather the poles of Riyadh, Al-Nasr and its guest Al-Hilal, at the King Fahd International Stadium.

The negative thing about this confrontation is that it will be without a public presence, and this will undoubtedly affect the aesthetic of the summit.

Al-Hilal if the derby wins will be nine points away from its opponent, and it will be close to the coronation, while if the victory is won, the difference will be reduced to three points, and this gives importance to the match.

The two teams, as we know, are endowed with local and foreign stars, and the weather situation, the absence of the audience and the interruption of the players may have a period of negative impact on the outcome of the match, but we are promised a prospective Arab summit, and the victory administration was able to renew for the Brazilian what will be, and huge rewards were awarded to players in the event of crossing the crescent, while the leader returned The Brazilian Eduardo, Al-Moaouf and Carillo machinery, after recovering from injury, so the classes will be complete.

Al-Hilal in the face of victory, in the presence of foreign rule, is more victorious, but Al-Hilal in front of Al-Nasr on this same field received a loss last year, which contributed to crowning the victory.

Certainly our return to the derby games is that they are not subject to the standards, and it is not a condition that the best one wins, so we will wait with you this match impatiently, for this evening's match is articulated, and you need to focus the two teams, and the Hilal fan hopes to win and get closer to the league championship, which is the closest, but with the condition of winning On victory, the Nasraoui fan hopes to win, to reduce the difference, and to approach the leader, the Hilal, and sad, the absence of the masses due to the pandemic of "Corona", but the lover and passionate Hilal or Nasraoui will continue the match behind the TV, and also the neutral awaits pleasure from the two teams, because it is a Saudi Gulf Arab Arab derby from The first model, as it is considered one of the important derbies at the level of the great Arab world, and from this standpoint we are on a date with the Riyadh derby with its elegance and generosity, and we are hoping to provide the two teams a strong level befitting the reputation of Saudi football.

We wish a speedy recovery for Turk Al-Sheikh, who is going through a health crisis, and we, as lovers of him, wish recovery for him, and return to the land of the Kingdom unharmed, "Bounasir" is the latest qualitative leap in Saudi football in the past years, and among the strong personalities that imposed its name on the sports field, especially In the great Arab world.

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The derby games have brought us back because they are not subject to standards and it is not a condition that the best wins.