Council of Tokyo and the country Confirmation of cooperation to suppress new corona 18:19 on August 4

A meeting between the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the country was held, and in the new coronavirus countermeasures, it was confirmed that we will work together to control infections, such as sharing information on accommodation medical treatment at hotels and transmitting it to the residents of Tokyo. Did.

Last year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the government launched a council to discuss important measures of Tokyo that require cooperation at the administrative level. On the 4th, the third meeting was held at the Joint Government Building in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

At the beginning, Deputy Governor Takeichi of Tokyo said, "We must restart stagnant socio-economic activities while trying to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. To increase the vitality of Tokyo and aim for growth and development of the whole country. It is necessary."

At the meeting, opinions were also exchanged regarding measures against the new coronavirus, and information such as accommodation and medical treatment at hotels, acceptance status of medical institutions, and infection status were shared and transmitted to the citizens, working together to control the infection. I confirmed that I would go out.

In addition, the capital requested the enhancement of functions at Haneda Airport and Tokyo Port, and requested that it proceed with the development of a railway network such as the extension of the subway Yurakucho Line with the support of the national government.

On the other hand, the country side indicated that it would like to consider it during the work of formulating the budget for the next fiscal year.