China News Agency, Beijing, August 4 (Reporter Ma Haiyan Gao Kai) A left-behind girl who relied on her efforts to become the local college entrance examination champion, "surprisingly" chose archaeology, and then welcomed the cultural expo, the archaeological circle of various big names have shot , Gave out a set of thoughtful gift packages and became a veritable "archaeological circle favorite".

  Zhong Fangrong, a girl from Leiyang, Hunan, never expected to receive such attention this summer when she graduated from high school. The left-behind girl ranked fourth in the liberal arts college entrance examination in Hunan Province with a total score of 676, and chose the archaeology major of Peking University. Based on this, many netizens believe that this girl is shouldering the mission of changing the fate of her family. Instead of choosing popular economic management and finance majors, she chose less popular majors in archaeology. The employment scope is narrow, and she is destined to not be a rich and expensive industry.

  "Archaeology = poor" is the prejudice of people standing outside the archaeology industry. Not only that, but many basic disciplines, such as literature, history, philosophy, mathematics, physics and chemistry, and unpopular majors.

  In fact, there is no absolute limit to popular majors. Taking liberal arts as an example, the gathering of scholars in literature, history and philosophy in the early 1980s is not news. By the end of the 1990s, law and journalism began to become majors for high-scoring candidates, and the economic management and financial boom in the new century continued to this day. In fact, students who study popular majors do not necessarily end up with "money paths", and students who do not study popular majors do not necessarily have "money paths".

  For most archaeology students, archaeology institutes, museums, and cultural relics management departments are all choices for archaeology students. The salary level is equivalent to that of local ordinary civil servants, and there is no problem of low income. Archaeology at Peking University is one of the majors with profound background, and many of its graduates are studying for postgraduate studies. In terms of research results, archaeology is not unpopular.

  Zhong Fangrong said that she has been influenced by Mr. Fan Jinshi since she was a child, loves history and cultural relics, but cares little about money.

  Zhong Fangrong’s attitude has been awarded to Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, Hunan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Shenyang Museum, Gansu Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Henan Provincial Cultural Relics The Institute of Archaeology, Gansu Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Hubei Provincial Museum and many other cultural institutions have supported Weibo accounts. For a while, she became a newcomer in the archaeological circle.

  Many archaeology enthusiasts have sent blessings to Zhong Fangrong, sending many archaeological-related books and souvenirs. Fan Jinshi, the idol of Zhong Fangrong and the honorary dean of the Dunhuang Academy, also sent her blessings. I hope she "will not forget her original aspirations, stick to her ideals, and calm down and study hard."

  "Teaching in the fields, and cultivating people in practice, I hope you will find the love of your life in archaeology at Peking University." The official account of Peking University's Weibo on August 2 welcomed this ordinary and extraordinary person who applied for Peking University this year. Freshman.

  The high attention to Zhong Fangrong reveals the current situation: accepting higher education and looking for "lifelong love", this logic that should be taken for granted has often been blurred by many so-called practical considerations.

  In recent years, the college entrance examination champions have mostly regarded computer, artificial intelligence, economics, finance and other majors as their first choices. The traditional basic disciplines and humanities are not only "flying at low altitude" on the admission line of colleges and universities, but are mostly the result of students receiving adjustments. Taking high scores, choosing popular majors, and earning a lot of money after graduation are the "right choices" in the eyes of many parents and students. That's why Zhong Fangrong looks special and continues to arouse heated discussions.

  Xiong Bingqi, deputy dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, said that many candidates currently have no clear interest in reporting their volunteers, but blindly follow the trend, filling in the "hot" majors in the eyes of others, and the majors with "qianjing". As a result, after entering the university, Only when I found that my major was not suitable for me, there were many people who graduated from a major with "money scene" but couldn't find a job.

  "Student Zhong insisted on choosing archeology major, and doing a good job of future academic development planning and career development planning, this is commendable. What's more valuable is that his parents support their children's choice. Choosing a major of interest is no better in terms of realizing life value. Choosing the so-called profitable profession is not only “not responsible for the family” as some people say, but more responsible.” Xiong Bingqi said.

  From the college entrance examination champion to applying for the archaeology major of Peking University, Zhong Fangrong's brilliance this summer is ultimately the brilliance of adhering to ideals. As a left-behind girl, if she wins people’s admiration for her dreams, her persistence to her ideals after winning the right to choose is even more rare now.

  At the same time, Zhong Fangrong once again boarded the hot search "archaeological circle pet" hot spot, in fact, it is also an extension of this ideal story. From Fan Jinshi to Zhong Fangrong, the high degree of continuous attention just shows people's deep heart. Respect for some persistence. (Finish)