China News Service, August 4, according to the official Weibo news of the Propaganda Department of the Xiantao Municipal Party Committee of Hubei Province, at about 17:30 on August 3, a flash explosion occurred in the butanone oxime workshop of Lanhua Silicone Co., Ltd., Xiliuhe Town, Xiantao City After a night of search and rescue, one person was newly found missing, and the number of missing persons increased to 5. All of them were confirmed to have no vital signs. As of 7:00 on August 4, the accident caused 6 deaths (1 of them was injured and died of ineffective medical treatment, 5 were lost contact), 4 people were injured (1 of them was discharged from the hospital with minor injuries, and 3 people were under treatment and were dead Danger).

  After the accident, the Xiantao Municipal Party Committee and Government attached great importance to it and quickly organized public security, fire protection, emergency response, environmental protection, market, health and other departments to the scene, mobilized 14 fire trucks and more than 100 people to carry out rescue operations. Eight special work teams including the accident site investigation and disposal team, the medical treatment team, the environmental monitoring team, and the problem rectification team were established under the overall command of the main leaders of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and led by the leaders in charge. They were arranged overnight for deployment and organization. The Municipal Safety Committee issued the "Emergency Notice on Deeply Learning Lessons from the Accident and Doing a Good Job in Current Work Safety" overnight, and held a city-wide safety production work conference on the morning of the 4th, requiring all parts of the city, departments, and related enterprises to deeply absorb accidents Lessons learned, by analogy, immediately carried out safety production inspections, investigations, and rectifications.

  At present, Lanhua Silicone Co., Ltd. has completely stopped production for rectification, and relevant departments are launching a comprehensive investigation of the accident.