China News Service, Wenzhou, August 4th (trainee reporter Li Dian, correspondent Li Qianqian and Pan Baisong) "Hurry up, run quickly, you can't go down afterwards!" On the morning of the 4th, after finding a 4-year-old child trapped in the flood , The fire rescue personnel of Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang took off their rescue suits and helmets, tightly guarded the frightened child, speeded up the pace and sent the child to a nearby settlement.

  Affected by the rainfall caused by Typhoon Hagupit on the 4th this year, floods in Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua and other places in Zhejiang Province were raging, and life and death rescues were frequently staged.

Transfer the trapped centenarians. Photo courtesy of Longwan Fire 

  "Someone was trapped in the car!" After receiving the alarm, the Yongjia County Fire Rescue Brigade Command Center instructed Oubei Fire Rescue Station to dispatch 1 vehicle and 7 people to the rescue. After arriving at the scene, rescuers found that the trapped man had got off the car by himself and was trapped on a wooden pier on the opposite bank of the river. The water level at the scene was still rising and the situation was extremely critical.

  After that, the two fire rescue personnel tied the safety ropes, put on life jackets and slowly dripped through the flood, put on life jackets for the trapped men, and then moved them to a safe location. It took 5 minutes to successfully rescue the trapped man.

  Coincidentally, people were trapped in the car in Yongning, Taizhou. Six fire commanders from the local fire rescue station rushed to the scene. At a distance of 1 km from the trapped vehicle, the fire truck was unable to pass due to high water. Rescuers waded 1 km to the trapped point on foot, successfully rescuing two men and one woman and three trapped persons.

  Located at Ximenli, Yongchang Fort, Longwan, Wenzhou, the low-lying terrain has become one of the severely flooded areas caused by the typhoon. At about 10 o'clock, the local fire rescue station received an alarm saying that there were many people trapped in their homes, including elderly people with limited mobility.

Rescue the drowned animal. Photo courtesy of Yongjia 

  Firefighters searched for an hour and a half to reach the trapped point in the alleys full of stagnant water. They found that a centenarian and two older persons in their 80s lived in the house. Due to the typhoon and rain, there was serious water accumulation and movement. The inconvenience cannot be transferred temporarily. Finally, the firefighters braved the heavy rain, wading on their backs for an hour on foot, and moved them to safety.

  In addition, in Taizhou, Jinhua and other places, houses collapsed due to strong winds and showers, people were trapped, animals were flooded, etc. The local armed police, public security, fire, militia and other rescue forces have sent rescue teams to carry out life and death rescues. (Finish)