Chinanews client, Beijing, August 3 (Ren Siyu) On the evening of August 2, Beijing Poly Theater ushered in its first performance after the resumption of work-a charity symphony concert for the "most respectable person", China Philharmonic The orchestra played "Ode to the Red Flag", "Country Knights" Intermezzo, "Yao Dance", "Red Detachment of Women", "Blue Danube Waltz" and other classic Chinese and foreign songs, paying tribute to the majority of anti-epidemic workers with music.

  Following the opening of the cinema, theaters and other performance venues are also reopening under the premise of strictly complying with the epidemic prevention requirements. Offline entertainment activities such as theater festivals, music festivals, and film festivals are gradually returning to people's daily lives.

Source: Beijing Poly Theater Weibo.

Theater in place: thousands of performances have a schedule

  "Everything is in place, welcome home!" At 19:30 on August 2, the official microblog of Beijing Poly Theater posted a Weibo on time, announcing the official restart of the theater.

  As the emergency response level for major public health emergencies in Beijing was lowered to Level 3, epidemic prevention has entered a normalization stage, and Beijing's cinemas, theaters and other performance venues and entertainment venues have gradually restricted current and resumed opening.

  Before the premiere, the Poly Theater invited the Dongcheng Blue Sky Rescue Team to carry out a comprehensive elimination of all areas of the theater, and strictly controlled the attendance rate of 30% as required to ensure that the audience distance was not less than one meter; audiences need to purchase real-name tickets and enter the venue Ensure that the "person, certificate, and ticket" are three in one, and the Beijing health code and body temperature monitoring results must meet the requirements to watch the performance.

  Beijing People’s Art Theater also released the pre-sale news for the drama performances on the same day. From August 8th, Beijing Renyi will stage the drama "Yang Mahjong" at the Capital Theater. Tickets and performances will be purchased under the real-name system and only open. Telephone reservations and on-site ticket purchases will be officially opened at 10 am on August 3 (Monday).

Ticket sales poster for the drama "Yang Mahjong" in Beijing People's Art Theater.

  A few days ago, the National Centre for the Performing Arts produced Lao She’s play "Looking to Chang'an from the West" and re-examined the audience in the theater; the Beijing Peking Opera Theatre also opened its first performance after the resumption of work-"Red Mane Horse". It is understood that this Tickets for the long-lost performance were sold out in less than two hours; Meng Jinghui Theatre Studio and Tianqiao Art Center also announced the restart, and performances will resume in mid-to-early August.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts Weibo.

  Outside Beijing, theaters in many cities across the country have also opened. The China Performance Industry Association recently released data that according to incomplete statistics, from May 12, the first edition of the "Guidelines for the Reopening of Theaters and Other Performance Places to Prevent and Control Epidemics" by the Market Management Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was released to the end of August 2020. The theater theater handed over the first report card of resumption of work, and nearly 2,000 performances have a clear timetable.

  In addition, art festivals such as Nanjing Theatre Festival, Guangzhou Art Festival, Pudong Culture and Art Festival, Dalian Art Festival and "Romantic Night" summer performance season have also kicked off recently, bringing high-quality drama feasts to the audience.

The Music Festival is back: tickets are sold in half an hour

  Affected by the epidemic, theaters, Livehouses and other performance venues have been temporarily closed for several months. Online theater and online music festivals have become people's home entertainment methods. Now, the music industry is also shifting from online to offline. Recently, music festivals such as Midi Music Festival and Strawberry Music Festival have announced their return.

  On August 1, the 2020 Zhoushan East China Sea Music Festival opened tickets and announced the first batch of lineups, which will be held at the Zhujiajian Nansha Scenic Spot in the New District of Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang Province from September 4 to 6.

  The big music festival that music fans can see earlier is the 2020 Hello Chongli·Taiwu·Midi Music Season held from August 15th to 16th. According to reports, the Midi Music Season officially went on sale on the online ticketing platform on July 24, and more than 2,000 tickets were quickly sold out in less than half an hour.

"2020 Hello Chongli·Taiwu·Midi Music Season" poster.

  After the Midi official announcement, the Strawberry Music Festival also came back. On July 28, Modern Sky announced the launch of the 2020 Offline Strawberry Music Festival. There are currently 6+ cities confirmed to be held, and the first stop is Hainan. Strawberry Stage, Love Stage, MSE Electronic Music Stage, and New Blood Project stage will be fully returned. There will be more than 40 musicians and bands participating.

2020 Strawberry Music Festival poster.

  The Star Nest Music Festival launched by Xiaofeng Music Commune also returned as a carnival. On September 5th, the Nanxi River Star Nest Music Carnival will be held in Nanxi River, Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Musicians such as Trojan Horse, Hedgehog, Jiulian Reality, Landlord’s Cat, Orange Sea will participate.

  In order to avoid crowd gatherings, these successive officially announced music festivals have listed "special tips": the music festival will take necessary prevention and control in accordance with the requirements of the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism and the prevention and control guidelines of the local epidemic prevention and control work headquarters. Control and protective measures. Visitors entering the venue must enter the venue with tickets, ID cards, and health code green codes, and follow the instructions of on-site staff to cooperate in epidemic prevention and control.

  Among them, the Nanxi River Star Nest Music Carnival mentioned that the number of tickets for scenic activities is very limited and real-name ticket purchases are adopted in accordance with current regulations; the East China Sea Music Festival specifically pointed out that the music festival will adjust the scale and content form in real time according to the safety requirements of epidemic control and control.

Film festival held: the scale has changed, the enthusiasm remains unchanged

  After the cinema was reopened in an orderly manner, some large film festivals and TV festivals also announced the restart.

  On August 2, the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival officially came to an end. As my country's first major international cultural event of film and television since the outbreak of the epidemic, its entire process has attracted great attention from audiences and practitioners.

Poster for the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival.

  No red carpet, no awards, 30% attendance rate, no more than 4 screenings per day in each theater, and open-air film exhibitions... Under strict epidemic prevention measures, this Shanghai International Film Festival has become a bit "special", but The audience's enthusiasm remains unabated. On the day of the festival’s ticketing day, the movie tickets for the theater show were almost sold out within two hours, and more than 80 additional movie tickets were quickly sold out. It is reported that this year's film festival has a total of 322 films on display, 29 cinemas screened 1146 shows, and the audience exceeded 140,000.

Data map: On July 27, 2020, people watched the movie at the open-air movie screening in Shanghai Global Harbor North Square. Photo by Yin Liqin

  After the Shanghai International Film Festival closed, on August 3, the 26th Shanghai TV Festival officially opened. For the first time, both offline and online methods were adopted in this TV festival. For the first time, the Magnolia Award selection was conducted in a manner in which the Chinese judges concentrated in Shanghai and the international judges participated online. The Magnolia Award international TV program was also broadcast online. And open-air screenings.

  In addition, the 10th Beijing International Film Festival also announced that it will be held from August 22 to August 29.

  Offline performances are speeding up and restarting, are you going to check it out? (Finish)