Qin Daixin

  Recently, a woman in Henan jumped from a building due to domestic violence and filed for divorce, which aroused widespread public concern. At present, the court ruled that the victim Ms. Liu divorced her husband Dou, and the right of custody of the son after the marriage belongs to the plaintiff. Ms. Liu said that she was finally "freed".

  As this incident involved criminal injuries and divorce proceedings, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, it took nearly a year from the jumping incident to the local court’s judgment of divorce. Many people questioned: Why is it so difficult for victims of domestic violence to divorce and defend their rights? Are there any deficiencies and loopholes in regulations and rights protection mechanisms?

  These questions need realistic answers. What is a bit consoling is that the solution to the problem of domestic violence rights protection has been reflected in the exploration of various places. Recently, Shaanxi Province passed the province's measures to implement the "People's Republic of China Anti-Domestic Violence Law", which stipulates that any form of domestic violence including insults, defamation and other mental violations is prohibited. Guangdong Province will also issue new regulations to make it clear that minors who witness domestic violence are also victims of domestic violence. Laws and regulations prohibiting domestic violence and safeguarding the rights and interests of victims are gradually being improved and promulgated to provide a more solid institutional guarantee for combating domestic violence.

  We should also see that although laws and regulations are the most powerful weapon to protect victims of domestic violence, it is undeniable that this kind of protection after the event is difficult to help victims escape domestic violence in the first place. The Women’s Federation, Anti-Domestic Violence Association and other social groups and social organizations should increase their intervention in domestic violence incidents, and provide protection and assistance to victims as soon as possible, so that victims of domestic violence will no longer be alone in the face of violence.

  At the same time, organizations and communities should strengthen publicity and guidance to let family members know that domestic violence is a serious violation of the law. If they suffer domestic violence, they should report it to relevant departments immediately and stop the damage in time. In the face of domestic violence, everyone should face it bravely and resort to open channels to defend their rights, instead of holding on to the outdated concept of “family ugliness cannot be publicized” and constantly tolerating, compromising and giving in.

  Opposing domestic violence is not a matter for the victim alone. From insiders to relevant social organizations to the judicial department, the whole society should work together to build a network of anti-domestic violence to minimize harm and reduce the recurrence of tragedies.