Sun Dawen, academician of the International Academy of Refrigeration Sciences: Strengthening the supervision of cold chain food to cut off the spread of the new crown virus

  China News Service, Beijing, August 3 (Reporter Ma Xiuxiu) "From a scientific point of view, the cold chain can keep food fresh, and it can also'keep fresh' the virus. Once the food is contaminated with the new crown virus in the circulation, the traditional cold chain has a high temperature and low temperature. A humid environment is more conducive to the long-term viability of the virus.” Recently, Academician Sun Dawen of the Royal Irish Academy of Sciences and Academician of the International Academy of Refrigeration told reporters that to continue to prevent and control the epidemic, we must strictly ensure the safe supply of cold chain food. , Effectively cut off all possible ways of spreading the food-borne new coronavirus.

  On the morning of August 3, Dalian held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. It was reported at the meeting that from 0:00 on July 22 to 24:00 on August 2, a total of 87 local cases were confirmed in Dalian. It was stated at the press conference that the outbreak in Dalian was a clustered outbreak related to the processing of cold chain seafood products.

  Similarly, a local cluster of cases occurred in Beijing in June, and the traceable source also showed that it was related to local imported cold chain food.

  Sun Dawen pointed out that starting from scientific rigor, it is still impossible to prove that seafood and aquatic products can be infected with the new coronavirus, but the epidemic case shows that the cold chain fresh food sold in the relevant market does have a positive test for the new coronavirus nucleic acid. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the supervision of imported cold chain food and all links in the circulation.

  In view of this, Sun Dawen suggested that relevant departments need to increase sampling inspections of imported foods, and make new coronavirus nucleic acid testing a mandatory inspection item for imported foods under the current special period, including the testing of the food itself and food packaging; in addition, food export All the circulation links in the exporting country have to generate detailed routing reports and submit them to China Customs for filing.

  “Relevant departments should establish and improve the traceability system of domestic imported food. Once there is an epidemic of food-borne virus infection, the traceability system can be used to'follow the vines' to quickly locate the source of the epidemic and buy precious time to control the sudden outbreak.” Sun Dawen also believes. , It is necessary to strengthen the personal protection and health management of food workers; for the means of transportation, equipment, facilities and places involved in the circulation of cold chain food, regular professional disinfection should be carried out to block the transmission of the virus; food safety should be formulated in advance The emergency response plan focuses on market management, personnel isolation, sterilization and cleaning, and waste disposal after the outbreak.

  Sun Dawen said that for the public, it is necessary to develop good food safety operation habits, keep in mind the principle of "separation of raw and cooked food" when handling food materials, avoid secondary pollution of cooked food, and especially avoid eating habits of raw food during special periods. (Finish)