"Umm Yassin" (Syria - 33 years) suffers from excessive obesity, and needs urgent surgery to get rid of stomach cirrhosis and to re-manufacture the abdominal wall at a cost of 83 thousand and 750 dirhams, and appeals to the people of goodness to help them manage the amount of the surgery.

Umm Yassin tells "Emirates Today" the story of her suffering with the disease, saying: "In 2011, she underwent surgery to remove the gallbladder, after which she got a disorder in the genes, a permanent rise in blood pressure, a rise in the level of fat in the blood, and an increase in the level of sugar."

And she continued: «In 2015, my weight reached 160 kilograms after it was 70 kilograms, this coincided with a permanent feeling of fatigue and inability to move, and pain throughout my body, and I was taking analgesics and other depression drugs, and this led to a hormonal imbalance.

She added: “As a result of this significant increase in weight, I could not sleep regularly due to apnea, unbearable pain in the back, and stiffness in hands and feet. I reviewed a government hospital in Sharjah, and examinations and CT scans showed that weight gain led to pressure on the vertebrae The back and nerves, and consequently the hands and legs were affected, as the doctor told me that there is an acute shortage of thyroid hormone, and he recommended gastric bypass surgery, to reduce the volume of body fat, in order to control chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and joint pain ».

She continued: “I could not manage the cost of the operation, so I traveled to Syria, where I performed the operation in one of the private hospitals, but the operation did not work, and I stayed for a week receiving care. After my condition improved, I left the hospital, and I was feeling pain on the right and left sides of the stomach, so I went Once again to the hospital, I underwent tests that showed pus on the stomach, and the doctor stressed the need for urgent surgery, to avoid the explosion of the stomach at any time ».

She added: “After the second surgery, I suffered a sharp decrease in the percentage of hemoglobin, and pus appeared again on the stomach, and I was transferred to another hospital, where the third operation (the balloon) was performed, through the endoscope, but the balloon led to two holes in the stomach, and the doctor told me that I should be transferred to University Hospital.

She noted that she performed seven corrective surgeries, and the last surgery was an attempt to collect and close the stomach inside and out. She added, “I decided to return to the country to be near my family and children, but last May the pain reappeared, with a swelling on the right side of the abdomen that affected the right leg, and I was unable to walk, so my mother took me to the hospital, and after examining the doctor and examining The absence of the stomach wall and the presence of cirrhosis in it, and the intestine adherence to the skin of the stomach.

She continued: "My children and my family fear my loss at any moment. I am a widow and I have two children, I live with my parents, my family is going through difficult financial circumstances, and I receive help from friends and good people, and I appeal to the good people to help me in the cost of the surgery."

medical report

Medical reports issued by the Emirates European Hospital confirmed that the patient came to the hospital, and she suffers from severe pain in the abdominal area, nausea, vomiting, feeling of burning in the chest and difficulty in digestion.

The results of the analyzes, medical and radiological examinations, and clinical examination showed that the patient suffers the absence of the abdominal wall, after performing several surgeries because of her weight gain, and she needs to manufacture and patch the abdominal wall and make a stomach network.