Jaewoo Kim-Joyuri shed tears at the child who left for the country.

On the 3rd, SBS'Dong Sang Imong Season 2-You Are My Destiny' (hereinafter referred to as'Dong Sang Imong 2'), Kim Jae-woo and Cho Yuri shed tears as they recalled the day they left their baby.

Kim Jae-woo and Cho Yu-ri, who left camping on the broadcast on the day, uncovered the couple's painful story in front of the campfire. Cho Yuri thought, "If you see it, you just have to be blank.

"I know what you're thinking. I want to see you, I want to see you. Sometimes I see how good it is and how good it would be if I had to eat it together," Kim Jae-woo said.

Cho Yuri shed tears, saying, "I knew I would be three, I prepared a lot, and I thought there would be three if I had a little." Jaewoo Kim cried to Cho Yuri, saying, "I only need you."

Afterwards, Kim Jae-woo said to the viewer, "In 5 years of marriage, an angelic son was born. My son's name is Yul Kim. I call it with my voice for the first time. I knew this guy was in bad shape in 7 months. "Yul-yi, who took off her body, was born into the world. It was the happiest two weeks in my life. I was sick and could not stand, so I went to heaven." As for his wife, he added, "I just started with the child Byung Kwan-ho. I was a healthy friend, but in a moment I collapsed and went to a crazy situation."

Cho Yuri shed tears to Kim Jae-woo, saying, "I got off everything I was doing and took care of me by my side. It's all up to me to do my favor." He laughed at me when he was the hardest in his life, and he pledged at that time, saying,'I must laugh a lot.'  

(SBS funE reporter Jisoo Kim)