Comedian Kim Jae-woo delivered words of comfort to the parents who lost their children.

In the SBS'Dong Sang Imong 2-You Are My Destiny' broadcast on the 3rd, Kim Jae-woo and Cho Yu-ri confessed the story of'Yul-yi', the first child who died and stimulated the tears of viewers. The two had children after five years of marriage, but after two weeks, they were sent to heaven.

Kim Jae-woo has always been loved by 1.9 million followers on her social media. In particular, the series of'The Man's Way', which pleasantly introduced her marriage to Cho Yuri, has inspired many couples.

However, she abruptly stopped SNS ahead of her wife's birth last year and worried many. Kim Jae-woo, who resumed SNS in the next five months, revealed that the child had passed away. On this day's broadcast, we shed tears once again detailing the situation at that time.

Immediately after the broadcast, Jaewoo Kim posted a post on her SNS, beginning with "To those who have or are experiencing the same thing as us...".

Next, "The day when the fireball goes out in your heart will definitely come. We are still on the way, but we are moving bravely one by one. The most common thing we see when we are in trouble is the spouse's face. Please smile a lot for that person. When the day comes when our hearts and your hearts are getting better, after that time, let's pat each other's backs and praise each other. We've done very well so far and we're already the world's coolest mom and dad." We shared pain with all the parents of the world sent to the kingdom of heaven and crossed words of comfort.

Fans who watched the story of Kim Jae-woo and Cho Yu-ri's story are "Cheer up, always cheer", "I wish you more love and happiness as you have had a difficult time", "Jaewoo and Yuri are good dad moms" and "Love I cheer for the two who have overcome it."  

(Reporter Ji-hye Kim, SBS funE)