"Left-behind girls" apply for the major of archaeology, don't judge other people's dreams with a worldly perspective

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  Abandoning dreams and interests may be far more terrifying than "choosing the wrong major" in the secular sense.

  As far as archaeology is concerned, it seems that it will only become popular every year when the college entrance examination candidates fill in their volunteers. Recently, Zhong Fangrong, a left-behind girl from Hunan, got enthusiastic about applying for the archaeology major of Peking University with a score of 676 in liberal arts. The reason is simple, because the archaeology major is too cold.

  Some netizens have persuaded Zhong Fangrong not to apply for the exam. In this regard, Zhong Fangrong stated that she was influenced by Mr. Fan Jinshi, Honorary Dean of Dunhuang Academy, and considered for future planning. His father also said, “The main reason for the rural people is to worry about money, but she is relatively indifferent to money, and I also think that children will be happier doing what they like.”

  I admire the father and daughter very much, and understand the starting points of those "good-hearted netizens": First, the archaeology major is unpopular and less competitive, and it is a pity that the score is so high; second, this major is generally regarded as difficult to find a job, and The girl has a mediocre family background, so she should report a profession that can make money.

  In reality, most of the art candidates are indeed wealthy, can afford the cost, and have a family to withstand future risks; while children from poor families often choose good jobs and earn money in majors. But if it is said that children from poor families are not worthy to study their favorite majors, they must not pass well after studying unpopular majors, and I would never agree.

  There are always people who don't love money so much, there are always people who value hobbies more, and there are always people who have the goal of transcending the world. For such people, we should respect and encourage. What we lack are people who stick to their dreams and work hard for their dreams, and the last thing we lack is people who can make money.

  Seeing this news, I suddenly thought of the pioneers of modern Chinese archaeology, such as Li Ji, Xia Nai, and Dong Zuobin in "Going to the North and Returning to the North". In that barren and war-torn era, they not only walked in the mud with their two feet without distraction. Walking in the fields, you also need to carry cultural relics and materials with the motherland. Why do we neglect and despise this career today with such good material conditions?

  Another example is Zhong Fangrong's idol, Mr. Fan Jinshi, who has been working at the Dunhuang Research Institute for more than 40 years after graduating from Peking University in 1963. So, according to the secular prejudice, should she be a graduate of Peking University in the 1960s, should she be respected in a metropolis to be worthy of a "correct choice"?

  If we start to laugh at our dreams, it is not encouragement and support for those who chase dreams, but negation and blows, it is precisely us who need reflection and "reconsideration".

  In fact, Zhong Fangrong is not ignorant of archaeology. She can cite the example of Fan Jinshi, which has already exceeded 99% of netizens. Zhong Fangrong also said that she will enter postgraduate studies and engage in archaeological research. I believe that she must pay more attention to and understand archaeology than those "ordinary netizens".

  What's more, in recent years, the inheritance and protection of cultural heritage has been paid more and more attention, and the working conditions and prospects of the archaeological profession are no longer what they used to be. Qian Guoxiang, a researcher at the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the employment rate of archaeology is not low. Like other majors, it also faces the challenge of talent competition.

  In recent years, I have also discovered a phenomenon: Many graduates, even 985 graduate students, have entered the job search stage, and even when they arrive at the job position, they still don’t know what they like, what they want to do, let alone what plans and plans they have made. ready. They are confused and bitter.

  Corresponding to Zhong Fangrong, they followed the crowd from the beginning of applying for the college entrance examination, choosing which majors are popular and promising, so that they finally created a life that they could not control. Abandoning dreams and interests may be far more terrifying than "choosing the wrong major" in the secular sense.

  □Fan Cheng (media person)