[Concurrent period] (Polish young man Philip) coming to China without speaking Chinese is like eating hot pot but slightly spicy, and coming to Sichuan without speaking Sichuan dialect, it tastes like eating mandarin duck pot.

  [Explanation] The blond and blue-eyed Polish "post-90s" guy not only speaks fluent Sichuan dialect, but also composed more than 10 Sichuan dialects or rap songs with Sichuan elements, which became popular on major short video platforms for a while.

  In 2012, Philip, who was still a sophomore in Poland, began to learn Chinese and gradually yearned for China. At the end of 2014, Philip, who had just graduated from university, couldn't wait to embark on a trip to China. After several struggles, he decided to choose a profound historical and cultural heritage and a comfortable life. Leisure in Chengdu. He hadn't thought about it when he planned to stay for only half a year, but he stayed there for 5 full years.

  Philip said frankly that he likes life in Chengdu very much. He wants to integrate into the city faster and deeper. After accidentally encountering Sichuan dialect rap, he understands that the dialect is behind the historical deposits of a city and its own heritage. Connotation. Up to now, Philip has taken more than 100 Sichuan dialect courses and insisted on communicating with people in Sichuan dialect at any time. Now it is hard to tell that he is a foreigner by his voice.

  [Concurrent] (Polish youth Philip) Hello, everyone, my name is Philip, and I am a "local foreigner" in Chengdu. At first I liked Chengdu dialect because I heard Sichuan rap. I thought that rap was very interesting, and then I decided that this was what I wanted to do. Later, I slowly began to write a little (song) by myself, which was a combination of Chengdu dialect and English. For example, some life in Chengdu, some things that happened here, or food, or some things experienced. I feel very comfortable and comfortable. I think everyone likes it.

  [Explanation] Philip is not only a "certified" street artist in Chengdu, but also an "net celebrity" with more than 4 million fans. During street road shows and live broadcasts, Philip prefers to use Sichuan dialect to communicate with the audience. Most of his more than 10 songs are in Sichuan dialect. He said that he likes the feeling of walking on the street, allowing more people to hear him sing "Sichuan Elements".

  [Concurrent] (Polish young Philip) became a street performer because I think this is a good opportunity to practice and improve myself. Anyway, I basically learn new songs every week, at least three songs, popular songs, and popular songs. Everyone likes to listen to them. There are audiences singing on the street, which feels more casual, but I can improve my singing skills, as well as stage performance, and I can play with everyone and make many friends.

  [Explanation] Today, Philip also promotes Chengdu as his responsibility. Occasionally going to other cities in China, he not only loves to communicate with people in Sichuan dialect, but also often promotes Chengdu's scenic spots and food. Philip would also recommend Chengdu and Sichuan to his relatives and friends in Poland, because he was already a "Chengdu native" in his heart.

  [Concurrent period] (Polish young Philip), whether abroad or everywhere in China, I feel that Sichuan culture should be brought to everyone's attention. I just want to show the most authentic Chengdu to everyone through live broadcast and singing. In fact, I already think that I am not a foreigner, but I see (myself) as a "Chengdu native."

  Lu Yang reports from Chengdu

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]