China News Service, Xuchang, August 1st (Kan Li) Henan Province officially notified the media on the 1st that enterprises in Huzhuang Village, Mafang Town, Yanling County, have illegally occupied cultivated land to build factories. The notification requires that from the height of resolutely protecting arable land and maintaining food security, resolutely stop and correct violations of laws and regulations, never evade problems, and investigate to the end.

  According to the report, in accordance with the arrangements of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Department of Ecological Environment and other departments organized special work classes, quickly organized investigations, implemented provincial-level listing supervision, and guided Xuchang City and Yanling County to develop On-site inspection, dispatching personnel to conduct on-site supervision, and immediately dismantling illegal facilities. Xuchang City and Yanling County set up a joint investigation team composed of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and other departments to conduct investigations and rectification work as soon as possible, and demolish the illegally occupied factories overnight.

  As of the evening of August 1, all the factories found to be illegally occupied have been demolished, and the land restoration and greening work is being initiated simultaneously. Based on the investigation, the relevant units and responsible persons involved in violation of laws, regulations and disciplines will be taken seriously. Accountability.

  The report stated that Henan Province has always regarded the protection of cultivated land as the cornerstone of safeguarding national food security and implemented the most stringent cultivated land protection system. In the next step, we will combine the province's unlawful occupation of cultivated land to build houses, draw inferences from one another, conduct a comprehensive investigation, strictly enforce the law and supervise, find one, find one, and resolutely maintain the three red lines of cultivated land quantity, quality, and ecology. (Finish)