China News Service, Fuzhou, August 1 (Reporter Long Min) The tropical disturbance on the southeastern ocean of Taiwan has intensified into a tropical depression at 14:00 today. The center is about 1,060 kilometers southeast of Fuding City, Fujian Province (20.8 degrees north latitude, east longitude). 127.9 degrees), the maximum wind speed near the center is 15 m/s (level 7, tropical depression).

  The Fujian Meteorological Bureau predicts that the tropical depression center will move to the northwest at a speed of 20-25 kilometers per hour, and it may develop into the No. 4 typhoon this year from tonight to 2nd day, gradually approaching the coast from northern Fujian to central Zhejiang. And landing on the coast of this area from the afternoon to the night of the 3rd will bring obvious wind and waves to the fishing grounds of northern Fujian Province.

  According to estimates, from the night of the 2nd to the morning of the 4th, there will be 8-9 gusts and 10-12 gales in the Diaoyu Islands, Mindong Fishing Grounds and Minwai Fishing Grounds, and huge waves of 3.5-5 meters.

  According to the "Emergency Plan for Flood Prevention and Typhoon Prevention in Fujian Province", Fujian Province decided to initiate a typhoon level IV emergency response at 18:00 on August 1. The Flood Control Office of Fujian Province requires that the relevant departments of the coastal districts and cities (experimental areas) pay close attention to the follow-up development trend of the tropical depression, and promptly complete various prevention and response work. (Finish)