Five Miyagi infections A cluster outbreak in a facility for the elderly in Sendai New Corona 21:37 on August 1

In Miyagi prefecture, five new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus every day. Of these, in Sendai City, four users of the day service center in the city, who had already been confirmed to have been infected, were infected, and in Sendai City, the sixth cluster = infected population has been announced. did.

According to Sendai City, the number of newly confirmed infections in Sendai City on the 1st is 4 females in their 70s, 2 females in their 80s, and females in their 90s. People in their 90s are the first to be infected in Miyagi Prefecture.

It is said that all four are users of the Taibara Day Service Center in Sendai, which has been confirmed to have infected three people so far.

Infection was confirmed on the 1st by the PCR test performed after the infected person appeared in the facility. Some of the infected were using the same shuttle bus.

A woman in her 70s had a change in condition around 5 pm and was taken to the hospital. The other three are not in serious condition.

The number of infected people at the facility is now 7, and the Mayor of Sendai City announced that a cluster of infected people has occurred. This is the sixth cluster in the city.

In addition, an infection was confirmed in a male student in his 20s who had returned home from outside the prefecture to his parents' house in Shiogama City, and the number of infections confirmed in the prefecture on the 1st was 5 people.

The total number of infected people in Miyagi prefecture reached 165.