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night came, raindrops around the central region began to thicken again. Detailed weather conditions, try to connect to the weather center.

Nam Eugene Caster, where is the rain coming from now?


Yes, strong rain is now concentrated in the metropolitan area and northern Chungbuk.

There was a lot of rain in Seoul until now, but now it has been a lot of rain, and now it is concentrated mainly in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do, Sejong, and Jecheon, Chungbuk Province.

The part marked in red on the map is 10~30mm per hour, where very strong rain is concentrated. Until this morning, it is expected that a lot of rain will be concentrated around the central region, so you need to be thoroughly prepared to avoid damage until late.

As a result, heavy rain advisory is now in effect in the metropolitan area, Yeongseo and northern Chungbuk.

It is highly likely that this advisory will be expanded and strengthened in the future.

By tomorrow, many places in the metropolitan area and Yeongseo area will rain more than 250mm, and even in Chungcheong-do, up to 150mm of rain will rain.

The rain between Jeonbuk and Gyeongbuk will stop today, but rain forecasts continue in the central region, especially the metropolitan area and Yeongseo.

During the day, the rain will fade for a while, but from night it will become stronger again.

It is better to prepare thoroughly, as strong rain is concentrated in vulnerable times.