Investigations with the Egyptian girl Hanin Hossam, famously known as the "Fourth Pyramid of Egypt," revealed a new surprise, as she confessed that she had received money for publishing a modest content of modesty.

The girl confirmed that she had published talks on applications with the aim of advertising herself, seducing young people, in exchange for financial transfers, and soliciting girls who wanted fame and wealth, and exploiting their material and social conditions.

Al-Mazah also presented a mechanism for transferring cash to it from "Like" website according to the court’s findings.

The Cairo Economic Court had sentenced Haneen Hosam, Affection Adham, and 3 others to be sentenced to two years imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 pounds, for accusing them of violating family values ​​and principles.

In its justifications, the court indicated that freedom of creativity is a sacred right unanimously that it must be respected and guaranteed, but that freedom is due to have its natural limit on which it stands, by distancing that freedom itself from hurtful slurs, obscene speech, nudity, pornography and vulgarity, out of respect and maintenance of honor. People, their dignity and reputation, and for that reason the laws came to protect freedom of creativity. Freedom has conditions and limits that cannot be crossed.

The court affirmed that whoever violates that freedom and tries to deviate from its specific framework, the law will have a wall against it to prevent these violations.

The court clarified in its findings that Al-Qudba boils down to the fact that the Public Prosecution accused the two defendants Haneen Hosam and Mawadat Al-Adham, during the years 2019 and 2020 in the Coast Police Department in Cairo Governorate, on charges of assaulting family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society by affection Adham's publication of pictures and videos in violation And Khadishah for public modesty on her personal accounts on the information network in exchange for money transfers.

While Haneen Hosam announced through her accounts on the information network to hold immoral meetings by inviting adult girls and minors alike to an agency she founded through the application of social communication called "Like" to meet young people through direct video chats and establish friendship relations in exchange for obtaining a fee determined How broad are the followers of these all-public talks, without discrimination.